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Carbon is not causing global warming
or climate change

By Dr. Tim Ball

11 May 09 – Excerpts – “The simple science is that oxygen is produced by plants which they exhale after they have taken in CO2 and converted it sugars for their growth. Plants require CO2 to exist as we require oxygen. As the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere increases the plants grow more vigorously. Current levels of atmospheric CO2 is 385 ppm but research shows that plants grow most vigorously at 1000 to 1200 ppm. 

                       Commercial greenhouses pump in up to 1200 ppm

"This information is used by commercial greenhouses (irony) who pump in up to 1200 ppm that increases yields by a factor of four. There is another side benefit because the plants use less water.

"The optimum figure of 1000 to 1200 ppm is likely a result of the evolution of plants over the last 300 million years. Notice that Al Gore's comment that current levels are the highest ever is also incorrect. In fact they have never been lower.

"Of course, if we reduce CO2 levels down to about 250 ppm the plants start to die and 150 ppm they are all dead - and so are we. One could cynically argue that this is the goal of extreme environmentalists and the streak of anti-humanism that pervades their thinking. 

Contradictory Evidence

"The 2007 IPCC Report claimed with over 90% certainty that human produced CO2 is almost the sole cause of global warming. But the evidence shows this can’t be true; temperature changes before CO2 in every record of any duration for any time period; CO2 variability does not correlate with temperature at any point in the last 600 million years; atmospheric CO2 levels are currently at the lowest level in that period; in the 20th century most warming occurred before 1940 when human production of CO2 was very small; human production of CO2 increased the most after 1940 but global temperatures declined to 1985; from 2000 global temperatures declined while CO2 levels increased; and any reduction in CO2 threatens plant life, oxygen production and therefore all life on the planet.

Failed Predictions

"The IPCC claim they do not make predictions but produce what they call scenarios. Ian Castles and David Henderson have roundly criticized them. MIT professor of meteorology Richard Lindzen referred to them as children’s exercises.

"The 2007 IPCC report says,

"For the next two decades a warming of about 0.2C per decade is projected for a range of SRES emissions scenarios.

"That simply hasn’t happened. What is happening cannot happen according to the IPCC. Their 2007 Report painted them into a corner. It claimed with over 90% certainty that CO2 was increasing because of human economic activities and was almost the sole cause of temperature increase. Notice the quote says temperature will rise even if greenhouse gases don’t increase. The problem is CO2 has increased yet the temperature has declined.

At what point does misrepresentation of facts become lies?

"At what point does misrepresentation of facts become lies? A general definition of the word lie is “an intentionally false statement”, but this applies to a single statement and the key word is “intentional”. A single misunderstanding or a misstatement can occur, but what if there are a series of misstatements from an individual or group? What happens when many statements are proved incorrect, but they continue to repeat them or fail to acknowledge they were false?

"There is a long and growing list of statements by promoters of human CO2 induced global warming that have proven incorrect. Yet they continue to push their claim by ignoring the evidence and diverting attention with new specious and spurious claims."

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