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Canadian Prairies More Lake Than Prairie!

Millions of acres of farmland under water

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22 Jun 10 - Email from a reader
Hi Robert, I just wanted to let you know that the grain belt of Canada is facing a great crisis. Most prairie farmland is under water as a result of extensive flooding since Friday, June 17, 2010.

Over 150 millimetres of rain has fallen since then and rain swollen creeks and rivers burst their banks from Medicine Hat, Alberta to  western Manitoba.

The Trans Canada Highway is shut down from Medicine Hat to the Saskatchewan border as flooding has washed out great sections, and a flood alert remains in place from Medicine Hat, Alberta to Maple Creek, Saskatchewan.

Many towns, buildings and homes were flooded, at least 20 rescues were made and some people have lost everything they own.

Twelve million acres of Manitoba farmland are under water, ten million acres of Saskatchewan farmland are under water, and we are waiting to hear how many millions of acres of Alberta farmland are under water.

One farmer was quoted as saying the people in the cities of western Canada will feel it in 2-3 months when there is no food in the stores to put on the table.

This is the scenario I saw coming several years ago and have been warning as many people as possible to prepare for.

C. Peter Davis, Winnipeg, Manitoba






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