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Canada - Terrible Times to Come

Flooding affecting grain and cattle farmers
across the prairies

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8 Jul 10

Hi Robert,

       Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper visited Saskatchewan's disaster zone today July 8, 2010 to see what help could be offered to the beleaguered communities and farmers. A full 70 communities have been declared disaster zones and Yorkton was the hardest hit with 1000 flooded homes.

Farmers fields are flooded and grain normally waist high by now is stunted and struggling. Farmers estimate only 40% of normal will be harvested this year and that's with ideal conditions through the rest of summer.

Flooding is affecting grain and cattle farmers alike across the prairies, which include Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

It's interesting to note that while meteorologists were predicting drought conditions across the prairies this spring and summer I was writing, posting and telling all who would listen that they were wrong and there would be floods instead of drought. This is partly due to my research and information gleaned from your amazing Ice Age Now website.

Keep up the great work Robert and people will soon have no choice but to face the truth of the calamity that's happening now and the bitter cold that's coming.

- C. Peter Davis, Winnipeg, Manitoba





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