CNN Segment Warns of the Coming Ice Age

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CNN Segment Warns of Coming Ice Age

14 Jan 09 – Last night’s broadcast of CNN's "Lou Dobbs Tonight" explored the possibility that earth isn't warming, but is, in fact, cooling.

"If you look at the satellite data, which is the most reliable data, the best coverage of the globe - 2008 was the 14th coldest in 30 years, “ said guest Joseph D'Aleo, executive director of International Climate and Environmental Change Assessment Project (ICECAP).

D'Aleo's organization is one of 33 groups co-sponsoring 2009 International Conference on Climate Change in New York City March 8-10. ( is also a proud co-sponsor of this conference).

According to D'Aleo, NOAA’s global data sets are contaminated by the fact that two-thirds of the globe's stations dropped out in 1990 - most of them rural - but NOAA performed no urban adjustment.

Another factor contributing to the global cooling period is the decline in sunspot activity says Jay Lehr, a senior fellow and science director of The Heartland Institute.

"[I] think more importantly it is to look at the sun's output, and in recent years, we've seen very, very low sunspot activity, and we are definitely - in my mind - not only in a cooling period, we're going to be staying in it for a couple decades," Lehr said.

Lehr pointed out the "silliness" of not including the sun's impact on the earth's climate - a factor often neglected by many of the global climate change alarmist. He also cited CNN meteorologist Chad Myers, who said the theory of manmade global warming was "arrogant" on Dec. 18, 2008.

"It just seems silly to not recognize that the earth's climate is driven by the sun," Lehr said.

     Meteorologist Joseph D’Aleo was the first Director of Meteorology at The
      Weather Channel and is former chairman of the American Meteorological
     Society’s Committee on Weather Analysis and Forecasting.

See entire article, and view CNN’s report:
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