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Brisk July portends frigid, snowy winter, say experts
By Tim Puko, Tribune-Review


27 Jul 09 – (Excerpts) – “July's below-average temperatures could mean heavy snowfalls and bitter cold this winter along the Eastern Seaboard, according to (’s) chief meteorologist, Joe Bastardi. Whether Pittsburgh will feel the chill is tough to say: It's on the edge of the predicted snow belt and might or might not be hit, depending on where the storms blow, AccuWeather meteorologist Kate Walters said.”

“The winter could be one of the snowiest since 2003, when 80 inches fell on some places in the East, according to Bastardi's report.”

Other forecasters disagree.

“The National Weather Service predicts winter temperatures are more likely to be at or slightly higher than the normal 30 degrees around Pittsburgh.”

Weather Channel meteorologists avoid the question altogether, saying that “such predictions are just too hard to make.”

“In the meantime, temperatures will likely remain cooler than average throughout the rest of the summer, Walters said.”

        With the new El Nino sending ever more moisture into the skies - skies
        cooled by the dearth of sunspots - I fear that this could be an incredibly
        snowy winter in many parts of the Midwest, perhaps worldwide. It will
        depend on what happens to the jet stream.

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