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Blizzard set to paralyze southeast Europe

Snow drifts several meters high

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6 Jan 10 - Email from a reader in Germany

Hi Robert!

The Arctic cold and record snow across most of the northern hemisphere is really beginning concern me!! To add to my concern is the  forecast of a major snowstorm that will be the result of a massive and potent storm system that is currently brewing in the Mediterranean Sea.

Arctic air is literally being sucked down from the north and feeding this monster over the relatively warm waters. The storm is predicted to track up towards the northeast as a major snowstorm for most southeastern Europe. This event could rival the one experienced during the winter of 1977-'78. 

German news is already warning of a major paralyzing blizzard (nick-named 'Daisy') to begin Friday and last through the weekend and is urging people to stay home and stock up on their emergency supplies. When all is said and done most of Germany will be buried under snow ranging from 20 to 60 cm with snow drifts several meters high!! 

That is a pretty rare occurrence! After that the overall weather pattern does not change much and the possibility exists of more such snow events taking place over the coming weeks. This still relatively young winter looks like it is shaping up to be record breaker for snow and cold!! I feel the worst is yet to come.

Could this be how the Little Ice Age started??

Thomas L. in Germany

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7 Jan 10 - More info from Thomas:

The German news Channel N24 is warning of likely major disruptions to traffic, rail and air by Sunday due to snow drifts.  I cannot find the specific link anymore, but found this link in English.

'Daisy' to dump snow, dated Jan. 6, 2010.

“From 10 to 40 centimetres – everything is possible,” Christian Herold from the German Weather Service (DWD) said, explaining the further west Daisy’s course is, the more snow will blanket the country."

See entire article:




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