Not by Fire but by Ice


Discover What Killed the Dinosaurs . . . and Why it Could Soon Kill Us


Bang goes that theory: Dinosaurs killed by volcano
NOT asteroid


7 May 09 – Forget your meteor theories. According to Professor Gerta Keller, a geologist at Princeton University, the dinosaurs were wiped out by volcanoes that erupted in India about sixty five million years ago.

Professor Keller says fossilized traces of plants and animals dug out of low lying hills at El Penon in northeastern Mexico show that the meteor event happened 300,000 years after the dinosaurs disappeared.

'Now we find that another catastrophe, which is Deccan Volcanism, which has not had much attention paid to it, may be the real culprit,' said Keller.

Professor Keller said the meteorite seems to have had no effect on any of the plant and animal life of the region whereas the volcano eruptions could have blocked sunlight, altered climate and caused acid rain.

            I think Keller is on the right track. However, as I say in Not by Fire
            but by Ice,  a large percentage of the Deccan volcanism occurred
            underwater. That would explain why the oceans suddenly warmed
            at the K-T boundary. The warmer oceans brought a huge increase
            in evaporation.

           And there you have it. Excess moisture rising skies already been
           cooled by the above water volcanism – and presto! – instant ice age.
           Warmer oceans and cooler skies. A deadly combination.

Professor Keller's findings were published in the Journal of the Geological Society of London.

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