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Dramatic adverse weather 
throughout Central America substantially reduces banana supplies


Reader Steven Woodcock spotted a little notice while grocery shopping and did some research. He found this from Chiquita Brands (excerpts).

26 Feb 08 –– A series of dramatic adverse weather conditions throughout Central America, as well as prolonged rainfall and major flooding throughout the banana growing areas of Ecuador, have substantially reduced the availability of bananas for both the North American and European market.

The devastation within Ecuador has been substantial and it is not possible to assess at this time when industry volumes may recover from this severe shortage. President Rafael Correa declared a state of emergency on February 20th, and ordered troops to help thousands of flood evacuees.

An estimated 25,000 hectares have been destroyed and up to 80,000 affected, according to the ministry of agriculture. In addition to heavy rainfalls, cloudy and lower than average temperatures are delaying the maturation of fruit by as much as five weeks. Elsewhere, the 2007 tropical storm season caused significant disruption to several banana producing islands in the Caribbean and destroyed thousands of hectares of production across the Dominican Republic. Adverse weather conditions have also led to decreases in productivity in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and Costa Rica.

               As I said in Not by Fire but by Ice, I think we’ll be fighting in 
               the streets for food long before we’re covered by ice.
Thanks to Steven Woodcock for this link



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