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9 November 07

The spin begins
Snow in Baghdad must have been caused
 by global warming


11 Jan 08 - "Now, you would think that cold weather in areas that normally don't experience such would be evidence that global warming isn't happening, right?"

"Wrong!" says Noel Sheppard of NewsBusters."

"You see, what the alarmists - led of course by Nobel Laureate Al Gore - have brilliantly done is renamed the bogeyman "climate change" such that anything that occurs on this planet dealing with weather exemplifies the threat they avow will destroy us all if we don't stop burning fossil fuels:

The director of the meteorology department, Dawood Shakir, told AFP that climate change was possibly to blame for the unusual event."

"It's very rare," he said. "Baghdad has never seen snow falling in living memory.

"These snowfalls are linked to the climate change that is happening everywhere. We are finding some places in the world which are warm and are supposed to be cold."

"There it is."

"As such, folks, with solar cycle 24 having just begun, it is a metaphysical certitude that as the planet cools during this phase, alarmists will blame it on climate change and carbon dioxide rather than the sun."

"And, of course, a global-warming-obsessed media will dutifully report the insanity."

"Heaven help us."
Thanks to Alan Caruba and Charles Patrick for this link

* * *

"I think the IPCC, Al Gore as well as the worlds media should bring their heads out of the sand ... Why? Because its snowing above it," says John Brown in Scotland.





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