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Australian Senate Kills Cap & Trade (Control & Tax) - Will U.S. Follow?

13 Aug 09 - Senators voted 42 to 30 against the law, which included plans for a carbon trading system similar to one used in Europe. Will U.S. follow?

“This was accomplished by people speaking up for the truth,” says chemical engineer Bob Ashworth. “It gives me hope that the charlatans don't always get their way.  I hope the US senate does the same thing. Our leaders are quacks, but maybe we the people can prevent them from implementing their hidden agenda which is another way to tax and also allow a few, like Gore and Pelosi, to get very wealthy at our expense!”

                                                               * * *

“Climate has slipped down the list of priorities for Australians and they won’t like going to an early poll on it,” said Andrew Macintosh, an analyst from Australian National University’s Center of Law and Climate Policy. “Climate has gone on the backburner because of the economic climate we have found ourselves in.”
-- Gemma Daley, Bloomberg 

* * *

“Australia's carbon trading laws were defeated in parliament's upper house Senate on Thursday, leaving the government's plan to curb greenhouse-gas emissions in disarray and raising speculation of an early snap election.”
    --Reuters, 13 August 2009

* * *

“The Australian Senate has defeated legislation to establish an emissions trading scheme, forcing the Government to negotiate with the Opposition or persist with its bill with the threat of an early election. Family First's Steve Fielding is yet to be convinced human activity is causing global warming. In the end the Senate voted 42 to 30 to reject the bills.”
   --Phillip Coorey, The Sydney Morning Herald, 13 August 2009

* * *

“The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and the American Council for Capital Formation (ACCF) released a study Wednesday that found under a high-cost scenario the House global warming bill could reduce economic growth by 2.4 percent and cost 2 million jobs by 2030. The business groups' figures will likely provide opponents of capping carbon more ammunition and could add to the angst of senators from industrial states. One key finding is that the climate bill will hurt the manufacturing sector particularly hard.”
   --Jim Snyder, The Hill, 12 August 2009

* * *

“The world has less than 10 years to halt the global rise in greenhouse gas emissions if we are to avoid catastrophic consequences for people and the planet.”
    --UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, 10 August 2009

                                                                   * * *

“In reality, the United Nations can't even maintain its own headquarters, manage its own books and keep its tens of thousands of peacekeepers under control, let alone save the world. The UN is an extraordinarily badly run institution, rife with corruption and mismanagement, that shields some of the most odious tyrants on the face of the earth. If Ban Ki-moon really wants to make a bigger impact on the world stage he should condemn North Korea's barbaric enslavement of millions of its own people in forced labour camps, speak out against Iran's nuclear weapons program, fraudulent elections and mass violations of human rights, and stand up to tyrannical regimes from Pyongyang to Khartoum.”
    --Nile Gardiner, The Daily Telegraph
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