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Atlanta Flood a 10,000-Year Event


4 Nov 09 - Here’s how the National Weather Service ranks 24-hour rainfall events in north Georgia.

     7.2 inches = 100-year rain event.
     7.7 inches = 200-year rain event.
     8.2 inches = 500-year rain event
     8.7 inches = 1000-year rain event.
     9.7 inches = 5000-year rain event.
     10 inches = 10,000-year rain event.

The odds of a 10-inch rain event are just 1 in 10,000, said Georgia’s Senior Hydrologist Kent Frantz. So the 16.7 inches just west of Douglasville had odds that went “off the charts.”

“But I should caution that just because the odds are astronomical, something like this could happen again,” said Frantz. Just look at the 21 inches in 24 hours that Americus received during Tropical Storm Alberto in 1994.”

     Not only could something like this happen again, I think it is almost
     inevitable. It’s part of the ice-age cycle, and it’s driven by equinoctial

     As you know if you’ve read Not by Fire but by Ice, I warn that we should
     prepared for the worst floods in 11,500 years.

     I suggest that “We must map the 11,500-year flood plain. Knowing
     which areas to avoid during the coming floods could also save millions
     of lives.”

     I ask, “What about food? What will we eat if northern grain fields are
     covered with snow and southern crops covered with mud . . . or completely
     washed away by the worst floods in 11,500 years?”

     Here are a few more excerpts:

     “Consider. What happens during a flood? Erosion; then deposition (i.e.,
      sedimentation). Such a process of flood-caused erosion and sedimentation
      can be seen in the stratigraphic record…literally millions of times through
      history. And each of those millions of floods occurred in phase with
      equinoctial precession.

     “Wilmot Bradley noticed the link between sedimentation and precession in
      1930 when he discovered an approximate 22,000-year cycle in the Green
      River formations of Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming. But he refused to believe
      his own eyes. It would be easy to say the changes are due to precession, said
      Bradley, except for one thing, "the change from one kind of rock to the other
      is abrupt."

     “Roger Anderson of the University of New Mexico reported a similar cycle
      in 250-million-year-old sediments of the Delaware Basin in southeast New

     “Triassic rock formations in northern Italy tell the same story, said Lawrence
      Hardie of Johns Hopkins University...It's a story of repeated floods in sync
      with equinoctial precession. There is "firm evidence," said Hardie, for a
      regular pulse in sea level oscillations about every 10,000 years.

     “The link between sedimentation and equinoctial precession is now "firmly
       established," said F. J. Hilgen, and is underlain by similar climatic
       oscillations. (Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 1991)

     “The sedimentation cycle appears to have been controlled by precession for
       the last 2.2 billion years, said J. P. Grotzinger of Lamont-Doherty Earth

     “Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Ghana, Honduras,
       India, Italy, Japan,  Morocco, Nepal, the Netherlands, North Korea, Norway,
       Spain, Thailand, the United States—more than 26 countries around the
       world—all have seen gigantic floods in the past few years, gigantic floods
       caused by increasingly larger storms.    

      "We have been firmly entrenched in the worst cycle of meteorological
        disasters in at least 500 years, since before the days of Christopher
        Columbus," says Vermont climatologist Cliff Harris. "Since 1988, there
        have been more long-standing weather records broken worldwide than
        during any other decade in recorded history!!!" (His exclamation points,
        not mine.)

See entire article by David Chandley:
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