Antarctic Bottom Water Has Warmed 

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16 August 07


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Antarctic Bottom Water Has Warmed 
Within Recent Decades
14 Aug 07 - The western South Atlantic's coldest, deepest layer, called the Antarctic Bottom Water, originates in the waters surrounding Antarctica. In the subtropics, most of this current joins water in the Brazil Basin through the Vema Channel, a narrow gorge on the seafloor about 1000 km (600 miles) southeast of Rio de Janeiro.

Researchers have measured water temperatures of the flow through the Vema Channel during the past 35 years. Temperatures in this channel were fairly level before 1992, but the next 15 years were marked by a warming trend that raised temperatures about 0.0028C (0.005 F) each year.

The authors use this long record to conjecture that the Antarctic Bottom Water also has undergone slight freshening. They note that additional long-term studies on deep circulation and water mass properties may help reveal whether abyssal oceans are warming at locations other than choke points such as the Vema Channel.

            (How do you heat the water on the bottom? I think 
            we’ll eventually learn that the warming was caused 
            by increased underwater volcanic activity.)

Source: Geophysical Research Letters (GRL) paper 10.1029/2007GL030340, 2007

See entire article in Science Daily:
Thanks to Jimmy Walters for this info



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