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10 Jun 07



Another Skeptical Meteorologist
6 Jun 07 - David Aldrich, the weekend weatherman at Fox 29, considers himself a green guy. He recycles, uses nontoxic cleaning products in his house and his next car will probably be a hybrid. But when it comes to the biggest, most controversial environmental issue of our time, Aldrich isn't signing on.

This weatherman is a self-proclaimed "Global Warming Skeptic."

On the blog he maintains for Fox29's Web site, Aldrich liberally employs varying font colors, sizes and styles to cast doubt on the biggest forecast of them all.

"After the 13th COLDEST February in Philadelphia and the coldest since 1979, many are scratching their heads on what to believe when it comes to global warming," he wrote

"I totally believe that we are in a warm phase," he began. "There's no doubt the Earth is warmer."


Aldrich says he believes the Earth is warming because of natural cycles of the sun and the ocean.

          Natural cycles. I agree.

The "cycles" explanation is a common one among global warming skeptics, says Nathan Wilcox of Penn Environment, a local advocacy group. The trouble with Aldrich's thinking, he says, is that CO2 is being stored in the wrong place [ …… ] in the atmosphere.

Aldrich thinks the carbon is in the atmosphere because of the heat.

          I agree. The rise is CO2 is an effect (of ocean warming), not the cause.

See entire article by Doron Taussig



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