Another Scientist debunks global warming

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26 Apr 07


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Another Scientist debunks global warming:

'You think SUVs are the cause of glaciers shrinking? 
I don't think so'

25 Apr 07 - Waterville, ME - Retired physics professor Howard Hayden does not dispute that global warming is happening. But Hayden is an unabashed contrarian when it comes to assigning blame for the phenomenon.

"You think SUVs are the cause of glaciers shrinking?" he said to his audience. "I don't think so."

The culprits, he said, are more likely astronomic and solar events.

Hayden, a physics professor for 32 years at the University of Connecticut, is an editor of a monthly newsletter called "The Energy Advocate."

He also is the author of the book "The Solar Fraud: Why Solar Energy Won't Run the World."

In his presentation, Hayden argued that climatic history proves that Gore has the relationship between carbon dioxide concentration and global warming backwards.

A higher concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, he said, does not cause the Earth to be warmer.

Instead, he said, a warmer Earth causes the higher carbon dioxide levels.

"The sun heats up the Earth," he said, "and the oceans warm up and atmospheric carbon dioxide rises."

Hayden said humans' contribution to global carbon dioxide levels is virtually negligible.

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