Another Mt. Washington Record

Not by Fire but by Ice



 Updated 28 October 2005      


One-fourth of a year’s snowfall in 12 days! 

– 26 Oct 05 - Another record shattered! “NEVER has such a complete 
snow pack built so quickly or so early on Mount Washington,” says Mt. Washington website.

“Absolutely incredible," says the website. "The 24 hour snowfall record for 
October, which stood for 36 years, shattered a mere 8 days ago, was broken 
again this morning. The summit picked up 27.5 inches of snow again with this 
latest storm, 25.7 of it in 24 hours, breaking the old record of 25.5 inches set 
on October 17th. We've had 72 inches of snow now in the last 12 days, 
nearly 25 % of a normal year's total!!!

“More amazingly, the infamous record for total monthly precipitation set in 
February of 1969 at 25.56 inches has also been eclipsed, as we sit at 27.85
inches of combined rain and melted snow now for the month of October.

“. . . I can't find the words to describe the amount of snow on the summit 
anymore. I've used them all on the past storms earlier this month, and now
they seem horribly insufficient. October is usually a month of transition, of 
freezes and thaws, and only averages a mere foot of snow. NEVER has 
such a complete snow pack built so quickly or so early on Mount Washington .
The forest service has even issued an avalanche bulletin on the 5 scale today!”
          Thanks to Richard James for this info.




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