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 Updated 8 February 2006      


Scientist predicts 'mini Ice Age'

7 Feb 06 - A Russian astronomer has predicted that Earth will experience a "mini Ice Age" in the middle of this century. It will be caused by low solar activity.

Khabibullo Abdusamatov of the Pulkovo Astronomic Observatory in St. Petersburg said that temperatures will begin falling six to seven years from now.

Dramatic changes in the earth's surface temperatures are an ordinary phenomenon, not an anomaly, he said, and result from variations in the sun's energy output and ultraviolet radiation.

Our most recent cooling period - known as the Little Ice Age - occurred between 1645 and 1705. It left canals in the Netherlands frozen solid and forced people in Greenland to abandon their houses to glaciers, the scientist said.

I think Mr. Abdusamatov is correct; that our climate is controlled by magnetic forces on the sun. The Little Ice Age that Abdusamatov refers to was caused by a period of low solar activity known as the Maunder Minimum, when the sunspot count dropped to zero. (It’s interesting to note that we have had no sunspots during the past nine days.)

However, I don’t think Abdusamatov goes far enough, because I think the “mini ice age” will be a mere precursor to a full-fledged ice age. 

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