Anchorage on track for coldest March on record

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17 Mar 07



Anchorage on track for coldest March on record
Homer ready to fish, but frozen harbor won't cooperate

16 Mar 07 - Homer, Alaska - Most winters, Norm Anderson merely has to climb aboard his boat in the harbor and make sure his oil-pan heater is still keeping the engine warm before he turns over the F/V Sea Otter for a winter king fishing excursion.

This year isn't much different. Anderson is certainly ready to fish.

He just can't go anywhere. The reason?

"The ice is killing me," said Anderson, owner and operator of Norm's Saltwater Adventures. "I've had to cancel close to 50 trips this winter because I just can't get out of the harbor."

"Its a little later in the year for ice to be socked in the harbor," said Homer Harbormaster Steve Dean. "It usually happens sometime in December or January. Currently, both our response harbor tug and our skiff are completely frozen in."

With more than six inches of ice surrounding some boats, some owners are walking around their boats and between floats on the frozen harbor surface.

And with commercial halibut season looming and a March 24 Winter King Salmon Tournament hinging on fishing-ground accessibility, everyone is eager to see things flowing freely again. That includes the organizer of all things fish derby-related, Homer Chamber of Commerce's Linda Winters.

March is headed to being one of the coldest on record, weather experts say.

If the cold hangs on, this year could beat 1956 as Anchorage's coldest.


Anchorage hasn't recorded a temperature above freezing since Feb. 3.

See entire article by Sean Pearson of the Homer Tribune :
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