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Alberta Walloped with Heavy Snow -

In mid July!

"Unheard of"

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Hi Robert,

This story shows pics of today's highly unusual July snowstorm in Jasper, Alberta Canada.

As I have warned with information through my research and your great Ice Age Now website, a colder Earth will see snow begin at higher elevations first and then move to lower elevations. The high country will get snow first while the lowlands get torrential rains. Spring will come later each year and winter sooner. If this trend continues, there will be only winter within just a few short years.      
                               - C. Peter Davis, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

“This is totally out of the blue," says Megan Gibson from the Marmot Basin Ski Resort near Jasper. "To receive this much snow in July and have it stay on the ground is unheard of.”
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Thanks to C. Peter Davis, Peter Leyser, Ron Smith,
Barry and
Murray Wernick for this link

See webcam:

Thanks to Pierre Demers for this link

Also heavy rain
"On Tuesday, Marmot Basin ski resort in Jasper National Park saw 18 cm (7 inches) of snow," said the Edmonton Journal.

Meanwhile, a low pressure system over central Alberta brought 30 to to 60 mm (11.8 to 23.6 inches) of rain to the central region. On Monday, 22.5 mm (8.85 inches) of rain fell at City Centre Airport, said Dan Kulak of Environment Canada.
Thanks to Walter Schneider for this link




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