Alaska Supervolcano Erupting? 

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Alaska Supervolcano Erupting?


23 Jul 08 – “Note that not only is the caldera double the size of the one erupting in Chili,” says reader Charles P., “but that a sister volcano, outside the caldera, began erupting as well.”

The Alaska Volcano Observatory says the six-mile-wide caldera has
several vents erupting simultaneously. (Courtesy U.S. Coast Guard)

The Alaska Volcano Observatory says that Okmok Volcano's six-mile-wide caldera has several vents erupting simultaneously.  

Billowing ash clouds are reaching heights of up to 20,000 feet as seismic activity continues to fluctuate.   
Geologists say they have been very busy trying to monitor not only the Okmok eruption, but also the erupting Cleveland Volcano nearby.

'I can't remember the last time we managed two eruptions at once, especially two so closely spaced on the volcanic arc,' said Tina Neal with the Alaska Volcano Observatory.
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               Put the Okmok eruption together with the ChaitÚn
               eruption, and I fear that we could have a problem.

See ChaitÚn Eruption Continues
20 Jun 08 - The last time ChaitÚn blew, the evidence indicates it vented
continuously for several months, which is why it is compared to the Tambora
1815 event, which created the “Year Without a Summer.”
See ChaitÚn Eruption Continues

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Okmok Volcano In Alaska Explodes in sync with ice-age cycle
20 Jul 08 - The gas cloud from the eruption is now over Montana.
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