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Al Gore - A Special Kind of Crazy

Separation a ruse to protect assets?

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4 Jun 10 - Al Gore and Tipper have announced a separation (rather than a divorce). Though many journalists are mourning the loss of the "storybook couple," some see a deeper motive rather than simply "growing apart."  

Business writer and Anxiety Institute founder Alan Caruba believes the "separation" is a ruse to protect Gore's assets should there be a federal investigation of certain environmentally-minded activities. Sen. James M. Inhofe, Oklahoma Republican, already has called for the Justice Department to have a look-see.

In a lead item in the Washington Times "Inside the Beltway" commentary yesterday, Mr. Caruba is quoted as saying that "Al Gore's big, big problem these days is something dubbed 'Climategate,' the revelation that the science of global warming is entirely fabricated and utterly false." Caruba notes that Mr. Gore established the $1 billion Generation Investment Management LLP to invest in assorted green technologies, assisted by Goldman Sachs veteran David Blood.

"There was, Mr. Gore told everyone, a climate crisis, and in the process, he grew rich, hailed [as] the first 'carbon billionaire' for his various investments," Mr. Caruba continues. "As bad as the bursting of the housing bubble has been, the next bubble will be a very green one. And, at the heart of it will be the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Al Gore, and his partner in crime, the U.N. climate change program.

"If Al Gore and Tipper are legally separated, it will likely provide a measure of protection for the millions he has. This, I suggest, is probably the real reason for the separation. It is as coldly calculated as his global-warming lies. Even their forty-year marriage must be sacrificed," Mr. Caruba says.

See Washington Times article here:


Or, see Mr. Caruba's full take on this situation here:

Al and Tipper Gore in Splitsville
By Alan Caruba
Here are a few excerpts:
1 Jun 10 - Deep into the text (of his book, “Earth in the Balance), Gore wrote, “Within the context of the Strategic Environment Initiative, it ought to be possible to establish a coordinated global program to accomplish the strategic goal of completely eliminating the internal combustion engine over, say, a twenty-five year period.”

There is a special kind of crazy to propose eliminating the engine that powers automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, boats and most everything else that transports humans and goods across the face of the Earth.

There is a special kind of crazy that hates oil so much it actually thinks it should not be refined as gasoline, but there are people in government who, unable to accept the genius of the internal combustion engine, have mandated that gasoline be mixed with ethanol.

Ethanol is a chemical otherwise known as moonshine. Every gallon of gas costs more while producing less mileage. Ethanol is so corrosive it cannot be transmitted via pipelines. It requires that acres of corn be turned into a useless fuel instead of food.

I break out in a sweat when I think this loony ran for president of the United States.  

The problem was that, beginning around a decade ago, the Earth began to cool in a perfectly natural way.

People will wonder why his famed documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth”, filled with inaccuracies, won an Oscar and was force-fed to children in schools around the world.

Breathing down his neck is Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) who has called for the U.S. Justice Department to investigate possible fraud by the perpetrators of the “global warming hoax.” Inhofe is Gore’s nemesis. “Every assertion that he made in his science fiction movie has now been disproven…” Should political power in Congress pass to Republicans and when President Obama has left the White House, Gore will have no protection against an investigation that will rival Watergate.

The investigation will involve agencies of the federal government, NOAA, the Environmental Protection Agency, and others as co-conspirators along with the scientists that participated in the global warming fraud. It will likely put a number of people in jail and among them is likely to be Albert Arnold Gore, Jr.

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