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Acid Oceans Due to Underwater Volcanoes?

3,477,403 Underwater Volcanoes

New study refutes theory that humans are acidifying oceans

Bolsters my contention that underwater volcanoes
are heating the seas


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31 Mar 10 - "A study by Australian geology researcher, Timothy Casey contests the recent claims by environmentalists that man-made emissions of carbon dioxide have been causing ocean acidification," says this article by John O'Sullivan. "Now growing evidence suggests Mother Nature is the most likely cause."

No Reports of Acidification of Rivers and Reservoirs

If human atmospheric emissions of carbon dioxide are acidifying the oceans, O'Sullivan asks, then why aren’t we seeing the same levels of rising acidity in rivers and reservoirs?

"Commercial suppliers of pumps that aerate inland water sources such as lakes and reservoirs, report no increase in business due to acidification," says O'Sullivan. "In fact, there is no demand for any filtering equipment to remove carbon dioxide from air pumped into inland water systems.

"Human emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere must therefore be excluded as a potential source of oceanic acidification."

3,477,403 Underwater Volcanoes

"Oceanographers Hillier and Watts (2007) surveyed 201,055 submarine volcanoes," O'Sullivan continues. "From this they concluded an astounding total of 3,477,403 submarine volcanoes must reasonably exist worldwide. They based this finding on the earlier and well-respected observations of Earth and Planetary Sciences specialist, Batiza (1982) who found that at least 4 per cent of seamounts are active volcanoes."

          3,477,403 underwater volcanoes! And we  wonder what has
          been heating our seas? I've been hammering on this for years.

Alarmist scientists have tried to downplay the role of volcanoes in adding to the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, says O'Sullivan, but the logical conclusion "is that atmospheric carbon dioxide can not be the cause of oceanic acidification as we once thought."

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