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A foot of new snow in French Alps

Buries bedding plants and lettuce

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7 Jun 11 - "It was rather a shock to wake this morning (June 1st) and see nearly a foot of snow. How very bizarre our weather has been all this year. It not so unusual to see a little snow at some point during the spring or summer months, but 30cm is unheard of.

"We woke to an eerie noise of cracking all around the valley this morning as over-laden boughs snapped from trees. Lithe silver birches are so heavy with snow that they are bent double and touching the ground, but the less-bendy sycamores are all badly damaged with severed boughs on the ground everywhere. Snow has pulled down the electric sheep fences too.

"This morning I found a couple of patous (sheep guarding dogs) in my garden, having escaped from their field during the night – goodness knows where their sheep have gone. But most upsetting is the snow on my tender bedding plants and lettuces, now a foot deep in powder."

     Bedding plants buried under a foot of snow!
     This why I keep saying to stock up on food.
Thanks to Gavin Sibbald for this link




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