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A Cold War That Russia Can Win

4 Feb 09 (Excerpts) In the opening remarks at her confirmation hearing on Jan. 13, President, Barack Obama's Secretary of State designate Hillary Clinton told the Senate Foreign Relations committee she would use the office to shape foreign policy to fight global warming.

As Hillary Clinton was speaking about the future security danger of global warming in front of the Senate Foreign Relations committee, the Russian government was preparing to release a massive study which contained evidence of a different type of global climate change.

In fact, it was much more concerned with the prospect of a global ice age in the years ahead. The Russian report measured core samples from Russia's Vostok Station in Antarctica.

The Russian report summarized its findings as follows: "The evidence from core samples suggests that the 12,000 years of warmth we call the Holocene period is over. Apparently, we're headed into an ice age of about 100,000 years, give or take. As for CO2 levels, core samples show conclusively they follow the earth's temperature rise, not lead it.

So, as American and European politicians prepare to fight global warming, Russia is preparing for a different world that may have much colder times ahead. If global temperatures continue to cool, it will be a cold war that Russia can win without ever firing a shot.
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