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44  Days Without a Sunspot

Among the Top 10 Longest


23 Aug 09 - Today, August 23, marked the 44th straight day without a sunspot, one of the longest stretches this solar minimum,” says meteorologist Joseph D’Aleo.

“In fact it rises into 10th place among all spotless periods since 1849,” says D’Aleo. “The total number of spotless days this transition from cycle 23 to 24 is now 694 rapidly approaching the approximate number leading into cycle 15 in the early 1900s.…We have had 183 spotless days this year (79% of the days).”

By this time into it, D’Aleo points out, most of the last 5 solar cycles had recovered, in one case already to the solar max (below, enlarged here).

However, “this cycle has continued to decline in the solar irradiance, solar flux, sunspot number and geomagnetic activity.”

          You really want to read the full article. It describes findings by
         “Clilverd et al 2006  showing that “the next two cycles will likely
          be very quiet much like those of 200 years ago in the early 1800s,
          the so-called Dalton Minimum, the time of Dickens (with snows
          and cold in London like last winter).”

          Then it links to a fantastic paper by David Archibald, showing what
          the result might be if Clilverd is correct.

         “Some have not ruled out an even stronger Maunder-like Minimum,”
          says D'Aleo.

See entire article:

Thanks to Mike McEvoy and Tom McHart for this link




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