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2nd big snowstorm in Munich

EIGHT INCHES of snow tonight

(See update below)



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1 Dec 10 - Email from reader

Hi Robert!

I live near Munich Germany and on Nov. 28 we had our first big snowstorm with 17 cm of snow and now today (Dec. 1) we are once again getting hit with another snowstorm with another 15 to 20 cm expected!

The temps have been frigid as well with an icy wind blowing from the east it feels like -15 C!! In the last 6 years I have not seen such heavy snowfall and cold temps so early in the season. Normally you would see this in mid to late January and early February! 

It looks like it is shaping up to be a big snowy Winter similar to the ones which were more common during the 1960's, 70's and early 80's! Is this the beginning of our little ice age in Europe?

You can post this if you like! 

Thomas Loherche



Hi Robert!

2 Dec 10 - Update to the snowstorm # 2 in Germany!

At the start of our second big snowstorm the snow was falling at 5 cm (nearly 2 inches) per hour!  We actually ended up getting a bit more than was originally forecast! Nearly 30 cm is now on the ground! Most of Germany is under a thick blanket of snow!

From the news it looks like entire Britain is already experiencing an Ice Age! The news station N-TV just announced it will air a  half hour special program appropriately entitled "Ice Age in Germany"!! Looks like possibly a third snowstorm is in the works for next Monday! Wow!! I could just imagine how much snow there would be if we got a snowstorm every 3 days with an average of 20 cm of snow over the course of the next 3 months!

Like you said we would be literally buried in several stories of snow and then the new ice age will have started! Will just have to keep waiting to see how the coming weeks unfold.





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