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  • Avalanches kill 3 as another cold snap hits Britain - 31 Dec 09 - Deaths in Scotland follow deaths of two hikers killed by an avalanche in Poland. Meanwhile, the Scottish Highland city of Inverness canceled a planned New Years Eve street party because of heavy snow, which had made road conditions in and around the city "extremely hazardous."

    It is the second cold snap to hit Britain this month.
    Thanks to Troy LaChance for this link


  • Britain told to prepare for New Year's Eve weather chaos
    30 Dec 09 - The Met Office issued severe weather warnings for Wales, the
    West Midlands and South-West England, with some areas forecast to pick
    up another 12 inches of snow.
    See Britain told to prepare for New Year's Eve weather chaos


  • Mongolia - 34,000 animals snowed in - 29 Dec 09 - Five men died after a snow storm battered the country on December 23-26.  Two of the men, both animal herders, were found frozen to death. Also, 2,222 sheep and goat were killed in the storm. The government classified the phenomenon as “highly severe”.

    The sudden snow storm trapped more than 40 rural herder families and 34,000 animals. Total snowfall was 50-60 cm on average, and as high as one meter in parts of Khovd province, thus preventing animals from going into their pasturelands.
    Thanks to Mudito Chetan for this link


  • Snow chaos continues across Europe
    23 Dec 09 - More than 100 people have now perished. See video.
    Thanks to John Brown in Ardrossan, Scotland, for this link


  • European weather deaths pass 100 - 22 Dec 09 - Freezing weather brings death and disruption to Germany, Italy and across eastern Europe. Chaos from Moscow to Milan. At least 27 people frozen to death.

    Thanks to Bill Pojedinec for this link


  • Thousands trapped overnight in cars as Britain awakens to fresh travel chaos - 22 Dec 09 - In Basingstoke, 2,000 vehicles ground to a halt leaving about 3,000 people stranded, Hampshire Constabulary said. Thousands of motorists and passengers were also stuck in Berkshire and south Oxfordshire after snow and ice brought roads to a standstill.

    Flights were suspended from Luton, Gatwick, Stansted, Glasgow and Edinburgh, and cancellations and delays will continue on Tuesday.

    The Eurostar train service was preparing to deal with a "massive backlog" after being closed for three days due to severe weather in northern France.


    See also:
    Thanks to Emma Corry for this link


  • Big freeze death toll rises to at least 80 - 21 Dec 09 - The death toll from winter storms across Europe rose to at least 80 today as transport chaos spread.

    With tens of thousands still stranded by the cancellation of London-to-Paris trains and hundreds of flights across Europe, mass power cuts in France added to the tumult, where electricity to two million people was briefly cut amid surging demand.

    More flights were cancelled in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain and main highways were blocked across the continent where some regions had more than 50cm (20 inches) of snow.
    Thanks to Tom Meyer for this link


  • Cold snap wreaks havoc across Europe
    21 Dec 09 - Snowstorms and sub-zero temperatures have killed
    at least 30 people across Europe and severely disrupted air, rail
    and road transport.
    See Cold snap wreaks havoc across Europe


  • Update: Death toll now 29 in Poland alone - Evening, 20 Dec 09
    Runaway global warming in Europe - Cold snap wreaks havoc
    across Poland, Germany, France, Belgium
    - 20 Dec 09 - Snowstorms
    and sub-zero temperatures have killed at least 19 people across Europe as
    well as severely disrupting air, rail and road transport.
    See Runaway global warming in Europe


  • Snow in Tuscany and Venice - 19 Dec 09
    "Twitter is alive with reports of heavy snows in Italy. Here in northern Tuscany we've had nearly 24 hours of the fluffy stuff, a bit unusual. There's even been snow in Venice. Chianti has had quite a bit of snow as well.
    See Snow in Tuscany and Venice


  • Snow on the beaches in the south of France - 19 Dec 09
    See many photos
    Thanks to Dale at Blizz and Peter Pesola for this link
          "Global warming is certainly a strange creature," says Dale.


  • Another photo of snow on the beach in Nice, France
    Temperature in Nice, France falls to 3 degrees celcius (37,2 Farenheit).
    Thanks to Steven Woodcock for this link


  • Weather strands trains in Channel Tunnel - 19 Dec 09 - About 2,500 passengers were trapped overnight in the Channel Tunnel linking France and Britain after four trains broke down after the second day of severe weather in the UK.

    Angry travelers arriving in London said they had been left with no power, air conditioning, food or water.

    Temperatures at the tunnel at the French port of Calais were as low as -2 Celsius accompanied by snowfall. In Paris, temperatures fell to -4C.

    Thanks to icewoman for this link


  • UK snow - heaviest for 18 years - 19 Dec 09 - IPSWICH and south east Suffolk had its heaviest snowfall for more than 18 years according to weather expert Ken Blowers.

    Mr Blowers measured five inches of snow in his Ipswich garden - and a similar amount was recorded at the weather station at Wattisham airbase.

    That was the heaviest snowfall in Suffolk since February 1991 when 13 inches fell.
    More snow is forecast overnight.
    =xDefault&itemid=IPED18%20Dec%202009 %2012%3A59%3A32%3A667

    Thanks to Hans Schreuder for this link


  • Runaway global warming in Europe - Cold snap wreaks havoc
    across Poland, Germany, France, Belgium
    - 20 Dec 09 - Snowstorms
    and sub-zero temperatures have killed at least 19 people across Europe as
     well as severely disrupting air, rail and road transport.
    See Runaway global warming in Europe


  • Snowstorm in London Friday - 17 Dec 09 - A snowstorm will have significant impacts to travel across the Greater London area on Friday. So far, snow has been reported in Stratford-on-Avon.

    Significant snow is not common to London. The normal annual snowfall in London is only a few inches. Just this past February, London was buried with up to 8 inches of snow, London's biggest snowstorm in 18 years. In February 1991, 10 inches fell.
    Thanks to Guy Sloop for this link


  • Winter weather whips Denmark - 17 Dec 09 - Copenhagen Post Online - Bitter cold and steady snowfall has paralyzed the country’s roads and public transport since yesterday. The icy cold weather is expected to get even worse over the next couple days, along with the possibility of more snow..

    On the island of Funen up to a metre (more than 3 feet) of snow fell in some places, while in mid-Jutland several snow plows were reported to be stuck.
    Thanks to Benjamin Napier for this link


  • Blizzard Dumps Snow on Copenhagen conference - 17 Dec 09 - "A blizzard dumped 10 centimeters (4 inches) of snow on the Danish capital overnight," said this article on Bloomberg.  (I have a hard time calling 4 inches of snow a blizzard, but that's what the article said.)

    With more snow in the forecast,  “there’s a good chance of a white Christmas,” said an official at Denmark’s Meteorological Institute.   

    Denmark has a maritime climate and mild winters.  "It hasn’t had a white Christmas for 14 years, and only had seven last century," said reporter Christian Wienberg from Copenhagen.
    Thanks to Craig Adkins and Steven Woodcock for this link


  • Bracebridge, Ontario digs out - 14 Dec 09
    Article confirms the massive snow storm north of Toronto
    Snowed in since Friday!!
    One of the worst snow storms on record - 13 Dec 09
    See Canada freezes as snow storm strands thousands

  • Calgary beats cold record set in 1893 - 15 Dec 09 - Calgary today beat a weather record set more than 100 years ago, dipping to minus 32.4 degrees. At least twelve other low temperature records were broken, the coldest being Sundre at minus 41.6C. The record low temperature for Calgary was minus 32.2 set in 1893.
    Thanks to Craig Adkins for this link


  • Blizzards hitting Copenhagen
    15 Dec 09 - The blizzard in Copenhagen today confirms my SOLAR-
    BASED long range forecast to the day, says astrophysicist Piers Corbyn.
    It has nothing to do with CO2. "The CO2 Climate Change junket is a
    world scam based on failed science and fraudulent data."
    See Blizzards hitting Copenhagen


  • Bracebridge, Ontario digs out - 14 Dec 09 - Here is an article confirming the massive snow storm north of Toronto.  The Town of Bracebridge received almost 100 centimeters (more than three feet) of snow last week, and as of Monday, many side streets throughout the town were still covered with snow.
    See entire article:
    Thanks to Brent Mayhew for this link


  • Record low temps in Saskatchewan (One goes back to 1885) - 13 Dec 09
    A ridge of bitterly cold Arctic air produced several record minimum temperatures in Saskatchewan Sunday morning. 

    Location                 record     previous    record   records
                                Min temp     record       year     began
    Kindersley......       -38.7       -35.0      1946     1942
    Swift Current...      -33.7       -32.2      1946     1885
    Leader..........         -37.9       -33.3      1926     1924
    Elbow...........         -34.5       -30.6      1963     1944
    Wynyard.........      -34.4       -32.2      1973     1939
    Rosetown east...    -36.2       -33.3      1940     1937

    The extreme cold will continue in most areas through Monday before temperatures begin to recover mid week.
    Thanks to Lance Appleby for this info


  • Edmonton breaks record by 10 degrees - 13 Dec 09 - “To break a temperature by 10 degrees is very exceptional,” said Environment Canada meteorologist Pierre Lessard. It was colder in Edmonton Sunday than anywhere else in North America.

    Sunday also marked the coldest Dec. 13 in Edmonton’s history, said Lessard.

    Environment Canada recorded a frigid -46.1 C, or -58.4 C with wind chill, at the Edmonton International Airport at 5 a.m., Lessard said. The old record of -36.1 C was set last year.

               Record low temperatures two years in a row ...
               and we're worried about global warming?
    weather+record/2336460/ ml

    Thanks to Cam McNaughton for this link


  • Record low temps in Alberta - 13 Dec 09 - A bitterly cold 
    Arctic ridge continues to dominate the weather over the Prairies 
    dropping temperatures well below normal. Several record minimum
     temperatures were recorded in Alberta overnight and this morning.
    Location                  record      previous    record   records
                                 Min temp     record       year      began
                                  (celsius)       temp
    Coronation......        -39.7       -33.2      2008     1928
    Edmonton int'l..        -46.1       -36.1      2008     1960
    Edmonton muni...     -36.0       -32.8      1882     1880
    Lloydminster....        -37.5       -37.2      1917     1904
    Cold Lake.......        -36.5       -34.4      1975     1952
    Grande Prairie..        -43.7       -37.8      1948     1922
    Whitecourt......         -35.8       -34.4      1968     1942
    Lacombe.........         -37.3       -36.1      1963     1907
    Sundre..........           -34.6       -28.7      2000     1985
    Drumheller......         -34.0       -33.9      1975     1954
    Weather statement issued by Environment Canada 
    Thanks to Lance Appleby for this info
  • Canada freezes as snow storm strands thousands
    One of the worst snow storms on record - 13 Dec 09
    Canada freezes as snow storm strands thousands


  • ¡Disastrous snow and cold in Mexico! - 1 Dec 09 - It's snowing in ten municipalities in Mexico, and temperatures have plunged to below zero Celsius in twenty municipalities. In the town of El Vergel it is eight below zero.   
    Disastrous snow and cold in Mexico


  • Switzerland snowfall two to five times normal
    2 Dec 09 -An avid skier sent this map showing the % of snowfall across Switzerland as compared to the long-term mean.
    Switzerland snowfall two to five times normal

    Schneehöhe im Vergleich

  • UK November one of the wettest on record
    - 1 Dec 09 - Britain had one of its wettest ever Novembers, forecasters said. It already has the fifth highest amount of rainfall on record, and is set to climb further up the rankings when figures for the past week are revealed today.

    Flood-hit Cumbria's 58-year record of 267mm was smashed in just 24 hours, with a total of more than 316.7mm.
    Thanks to Steven Woodcock for this link
         Not just in Britain, announced yesterday that it has been
         one of the ten wettest Novembers on record in the United States. Just
         imagine if all that precipitation had fallen as snow.


  • “Unprecedented” rain in Britain - more on the way - 21 Nov 09 - The flood-hit northwest braced Saturday for more devastation as forecasters warned of more rain following unprecedented torrential deluges.

    The county of Cumbria was drenched by some 314 mm (12.36 inches) of rain in just 24 hours - the most since records began.

    Heavy rain was also seen in neighbouring Ireland, causing floods that Environment Minister John Gormley said were "a once in 800 years event."
    Thanks to Jimmy Walter for this link


  • Whistler/Blackcomb – 10½ feet of snow in 7 days - 22 Nov 09
    Thanks to Cam McNaughton for this link
           As Cam says, "
    That's a lot of snow in a week or a month :)"


  • Whistler to break November snowfall record today - and it's only the 19th  19 Nov 09 - “We have already received one third of our average annual snowfall for the entire season and it’s only four days into the season."
    See Whistler to break November snowfall record today


  • Heavy snow in Spanish Pyrenees - 10 Nov 09 - Spain’s two largest ski areas of Baqueira Beret and Formigal, both located in the Pyrenees mountains which separate the country from France, have reported heavy snowfall over the past 48 hours and say they will now open ‘shortly’- hinting at an early opening as a result of all the snow.

    It’s the latest of the world’s major mountain ranges to report heavy snow – the Alps, Dolomites and Rockies have all seen up to 1.5m (five feet) of snow in recent days and weeks. 11104836.php
    Thanks to Josh Cooley for this link


  • Italian Dolomites Dominate Ski Reports With Early Snow
    18 Nov 09 - The Italian Dolomites are seeing excellent early snowfall, with reports of up to 160cm of fresh powder in just seven days. w
    Thanks to Josh Cooley for this link 


  • Italian ski resorts killing it with record snow - 18 Nov 09 – Excerpts – The Italian Dolomites have been receiving serious snowfall, with reports of over five feet of fresh powder in just one week. Most resorts are set to open later this month and in early December.

    Val Gardena, home of a famous downhill where U.S. Ski Team athlete Scott Macartney stepped up onto the medals podium is seeing a ton of the white stuff. They recently received about four feet of snow in a matter of days. Cortina d'Ampezzo… has received the bountiful five feet in seven days.
    Thanks to Josh Cooley for this link


  • Early Arctic Chill Grips Eastern Asia - 12 Nov 09 - High temperatures throughout Siberia in eastern Russia have averaged 10 to 15 degrees below normal for the month of November so far. In Beijing, high temperatures failed to climb out of the 30s Tuesday and Wednesday. The normal high for the middle of November is near 50.
    Thanks to Tom Chart for this link


  • 7,000 buildings collapse in China under heaviest snow on record
    13 Nov 09 – "Unusually early snowstorms" in northern China have caused more than half a billion dollars in damage, including the collapse of more than 7,000 buildings, and damage to 297,000 acres (120,000 hectares) of crops.
    See 7,000 buildings collapse in China under heaviest snow on record


  • Whistler opening 12 days earlier than expected - 11 Nov 09 – Whistler Mountain Spokesperson Tabetha Boot says Saturday's opening is thanks to heavy snowfall over the past few days, "We've had just a truckload in the last week or so. The base measured today up at Pig Alley is about 90cms and we have another 65cms in the forecast."

    Sun Peaks near Kamloops is also opening this week thanks to the heavy snowfall. Wax ‘em up!

    See entire article:
    Thanks to Alan Stover for this link

  • New Zealand: Coldest October in 64 years
    3 Nov 09 - In its climate summary for the month, the Niwa said the average temperature nationwide was 10.6degC _ 1.4degC below average, with all-time record low temperatures in many areas and unseasonable late snowfalls.

    Such a cold October has occurred only four times in the past 100 years, the last time in 1945.

    The heaviest October snowfall since 1967 occurred in Hawke's Bay and the central  North Island on October 4 and 5 stranding hundreds of travellers, closing roads, and resulting in heavy lambing losses.

    It was also wet, with near-record rainfall (more than 200 percent of normal) in parts of Hawke's Bay, Gisborne and the Tararua district, and well-above normal in the remaining east  of the North Island, as well as Wellington, Marlborough and parts of Canterbury.
    Thanks to Joe D’Aleo for this link


  • Coldest October in New Zealand in more than 25 years
    2 Nov 09 – New Zealanders have just shivered through the
    coldest October in more than 25 years - not long after they
    enjoyed the warmest August on record, says a climate analyst.
    See Coldest October in NZ in more than 25 years


  • Prepare for winter or Britain will grind to a halt again, says LGA
    30 Oct 09 – The country is ill-prepared for further sub-zero conditions, says
    the Local Government Association (LGA). A Met Office spokeswoman said there was a 'one-in-seven' chance of a cold winter.
    See Prepare for winter or Britain will grind to a halt again

    26 Oct 09 - Email from a reader in bal_warming_in_New_Zealand.htm">No global warming in New Zealand


  • First October start for ski season in Germany in 8 years - 24 Oct 09 - Some 1,500 skiers and snowboarders defied the climate change doomsayers to usher in the new season on Germany's highest mountain - the Zugspitze near Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Bavaria – on Saturday, the first time that the season has started in October in eight years..

    Around 1.2 metres of snow have been measured on the mountain, plus a 10-centimetre covering of fresh powder snow.
    Thanks to Hamish Mackenzie for this link


  • Early snowfall in Central Europe brings chaos - 20 Oct 09 – “Days of heavy snow have brought chaos, death and an early start to the skiing season to parts of Europe.”

    “Skiers are being told they can expect a sensational season after three feet of snow led many Alpine resorts to open two weeks early.”

    But the unseasonably early cold snap also cut power to thousands of homes and snuffed out lives in southern Poland, where three people froze to death..

    Pistes are already open in Austria, and there has also been heavy snow in France, Italy and Switzerland. Similar early falls last year saw the best conditions in Europe for more than 20 years.

    In the Czech Republic thousands of homes were left with- out power after blizzards brought down power lines.
    Thanks to Hans Verbeek for this link


  • Heavy snow hits Central Europe – More to come - 14 Oct 09 – “Poland deployed troops and snow ploughs on Wednesday after snow and powerful winds cut off power supplies to as many as 700,000 people in storms which swept Central Europe,” said this article from Reuters.

    Poland’s Prime Minister Donald Tusk warned of more snow to come.

    "The snow is continuing to fall all the time. The situation is fast-moving. All our brigades are out in the field, trying to deal with the situation," Katarzyna Burda-Mazurek, a spokeswoman for Poland's PGE power company, told the PAP state news agency.

    “Austria's Alps recorded the biggest October snowfalls in 25 years, with as much as 75 cm (30 inches) in the mountainous regions around Salzburg and up to 40 cm (16 inches) in the region bordering Switzerland.”

    Ukrainians also suffered freezing temperatures as authorities who control the heating to entire apartment blocks had not yet turned it on, while tens of thousands of Ukrainians were also without electricity.

    See entire article: .html?siteSect=143&sid=11353748&cKey=1255549977000&ty=ti
    Thanks to Joe D’Aleo for this link


  • All-time October low in Bavaria - 20 Oct 09 - Meteorologists on Tuesday morning recorded the lowest ever October temperature in Germany, as the mercury dipped to a chilly -24.3 degrees Celsius in Bavaria’s Berchtesgaden national park. The bitter cold was measured at the Funtensee, a notoriously frosty lake high in the Bavarian Alps.
    Thanks to Mike McEvoy, Benjamin Napier and
    Lance Hamilton for this link


  • Storm now heading for Ireland & Britain predicted 100days ago -
    Snow likely to follow
    - 18 Oct 09 – Piers Corbyn, astrophysicist and forecaster of WeatherAction, now predicts early blasts of winter in November (not ‘Barbecue Autumn weather' of others). Major North Sea Storm Surge 17-19 Nov. East Coast & Holland under threat. Bitter North winds and snow likely to follow. 

    See also: GO TO:


  • Snow across Central and Eastern Europe - 15 Oct 09 - As an area of low pressure swirls over eastern Europe, snow will develop from the Alps (12-25 cm) northeastward into western Russia over the next several days. Upwards of 12 cm could accumulate over portions of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, southern Poland and eastern Germany.
    Thanks to Kenneth Lund for this link


  • Significant snow in Argentina’s Southern Andes - 19 Oct 09
    Hi Robert,
    The Southern Andes in Argentina are getting significant snow. Some areas received 60-100 inches of new snow and more is forecast.

    Here is the link to the website showing how much snow the Southern Andes region received this past week:
    Regards, Josh Cooley


  • Snow in Beijing
    1 Nov 09 - "Usually there are only two or three snows that accumulate like this one in an entire winter here. As I write to you, it is still snowing – large fluffy flakes. And it is November 1st."
    See Snow in Beijing

    Early snow records set to be broken in Austria
    12 Oct 09 - Austria’s provincial capitals are expected to see their earliest snowfalls in history today as Arctic air sweeps the country.
    Early snow records set to be broken in Austria

  • Czech Republic: Most snow in 100 years
    - 16 Oct 09
    Hi Robert,

    In the Czech Republic there has been heavy snow for three straight days at elevations over 2000 feet. Snowfall amounts for this early in the season are not completely unprecedented, but many places have the most October snow in 50 to 100 years, and it is still falling.

    See -/domaci.asp?c=A091016_073941_domaci_adb

    Tens of thousands of customers are without electric power, and a thermal plant has failed that provides heat to thousands of residents of one Czech city.

    Kind regards,
    Mark Newkirk
    Prague, Czech Republic


  • Early snow records set to be broken in Austria - 12 Oct 09 - Austria’s provincial capitals are expected to see their earliest snowfalls in history today as Arctic air sweeps the country.
    See Early snow records set to be broken in Austria


  • Major snow in Austria - 15 Oct 09 – Email from a reader
    Hi Robert, 

    Spotted this in the Dutch online newspaper:
    Austria, 14 Oct 09: More snow than for the past 25 years; 40cm and strong winds, causing massive power cuts as well. Pictures as well as words.

    Must be that pesky carbon dioxide causing global warming, what d'ya think?!

    Best regards, Hans Schreuder,2

    Here's a link in English: oken


  • Earliest October Snowfall on record in Southern Germany
    15 Oct 09 – Email from reader
    Hi Robert,

    I live in Southern Germany near Munich where a blast of cold Arctic air is causing well below normal temps and the first snowfall of the season all the way down into the lower flatlands. Many trees that are still green are now turning white. I checked the local weather records and it shows that today (Oct. 15) is the earliest snowfall for October since Oct. 28, 1972. Today could also easily break the record for the most snowfall for any day in the month of October. Temperatures are averaging some 10 to 15 degrees below normal. Normally the first snow begins around mid November but the trend over the past 5 years shows that each year the first snowfall has been starting much earlier. Anyone who still believes in Global Warming is in my opinion ignorant and blind to the truth!!  Sorry, Al Gore!

     Thanks, Thomas L.


  • Winter arrives early in Germany - 13 Oct 09 - Snow caused a massive 18-car pileup on the A20 motorway east of Lübeck on Tuesday morning, as the first wintry weather of the season hit broad swaths of Germany. The huge accident forced closure of the autobahn heading towards Lübeck.

    Early in the morning, the German Weather Service (DWD) had forecast that many parts of the country would see the first signs of winter on Tuesday, with the snowfall limit dropping to lower elevations.

    Four centimetres of snow fell upon the Brocken, the highest mountain in northern Germany. The white stuff also covered the Fichtelberg in the state of Saxony.

    Snow is also likely in the Alps and low mountain ranges in the south and east of the country as Arctic air sweeps through the country, the DWD said.
    Thanks to Hamish Mackenzie for this link


  • Early snow records set to be broken in Austria - 12 Oct 09 - Austria’s provincial capitals are expected to see their earliest snowfalls in history today as Arctic air sweeps the country.
    See Early snow records set to be broken in Austria


  • Low temp records shattered in Alberta - 12 Oct 09 – An Arctic surface ridge and clearing skies produced record lows this morning in parts of Alberta. Several of these records have stood since the 1880s and 1890s. 

    Location                            Today     Record     Year           Period of  
                                               Min         Min                           Record
    Banff                                 -22.0       -14.0        2002       1893-2009
    Rocky Mountain House     -19.0       -12.1        2002       1917-2009
    Cold Lake                         - 8.1       - 6.2         2002       1953-2009
    Red Deer                          -14.7       -11.1        1961       1904-2009 Lethbridge                        -16.7       -13.5        2002       1886-2009 Calgary                             -16.1       -13.3        1928       1884-2009
    Pincher Creek                   -19.5       -12.8        2002       1893-2009 Sundre                              -21.0       -13.6        2002       1985-2009
    Waterton Park Gate          -24.3       -16.6        2002       1966-2009 
    Thanks to Lance Appleby for this link


  • Record lows in B.C. - 10 Oct 09 - Issued by Environment Canada. The interior’s first taste of Arctic air resulted in a number of record cold temperatures last night.

    Station                      low       old record     records began

    Sparwood               -14.5    -8.4 / 1987     1980
    Cranbrook              -12.5    -7.1 / 1987     1968
    Williams Lake          -11.9    -9.4 / 1972     1961
    Quesnel                   -11.3    -7.8 / 1972     1946
    Golden                    -10.8    -8.3 / 1919     1902
    Kelowna a               -10.7    -5.9 / 1977     1968
    Princeton                 -10.5    -5.5 / 1987     1938
    Blue River                 -9.3    -6.6 / 1987     1970
    Penticton                   -8.3    -2.8 / 1977     1941
    Kamloops                 -8.2    -3.3 / 1957     1951
    Revelstoke a             -6.4    -0.9 / 2006     1990
    Thanks to Lance Appleby for this link


  • Even if this was the middle of winter this is extreme
    6 Oct 09 – New Zealand: Two major North Island highways remain closed
    this morning after unseasonal heavy snow in the last two days stranded motorists for two nights. "Even if this was the middle of winter this is extreme," said WeatherWatch head analyst Philip Duncan.
    See Even if this was the middle of winter this is extreme


  • Hundreds of motorists trapped by snow in New Zealand - 5 Oct 09

    Hi Robert,
    Taupo centre North Island had state of emergency declared because of very heavy snow. Hundreds of trapped motorists have had to be rescued. Chilly air from Antarctica mixed with warm moist low is making things very interesting over East Cape region, looks like its going to be chilly for a few days more.
    Tony Andrew, New Zealand


  • Italy - Nine inches of rain in three hours - 3 Oct 09 - Torrential rainfall - as much as nine inches in just three hours - inundated Sicily, Italy, Thursday night, unleashing deadly mudslides, killing more than a dozen people and injuring at
    least 40 others.

    Rivers of muddy water-bearing trees and other debris gushed down mountainsides and swept into villages, knocking over buildings, burying vehicles, and forcing many people to flee to the roofs of their homes.
    Thanks to Kenneth Lund for this link


  • Vietnam - WeatherAction warns of further serious developments imminent:
    28 Sep 09 - 'Worst possible scenario for Vietnam landfall.
                     - Pacific Tropical Storms 18 & 19 ('Parma') may miss
                       Philippines but intensification and/or a new storm is likely in region.


  • Record cold and spring snow down under - 28 Sep 09 - With the temperature hovering around 6 degrees for most of the day and peaking at 8.1 degrees, Canberra had its coldest September day in 40 years yesterday.

    Light snow fell as low as 700 metres on the mountains surrounding Canberra, said forecaster Paul Corello from the Bureau of Meteorology. That’s unusual, said Corello.

    The New South Wales Snowy Mountain ski fields also saw heavy snow.

    "We've had 30 centimetres of the lightest and driest snow received this season," said Neil Thew from Perisher Ski Resort. "We've had snow down to 600 metres which is remarkable for this time of year."
    Thanks to Joe D’Aleo for this link


  • “Epic conditions” for New Zealand Big Mountain Day - 14 Sep 09 - "The action and excitement for the Big Mountain Day went far beyond any other snow event held in the Southern Hemisphere this winter, as epic snow and weather conditions (italics added) greeted athletes competing in the 2nd day of competition of the World Heli Challenge 

    "The event was held on Mt Albert, a daunting mountain peak standing 2000m above sea level overlooking the headwaters of Lake Wanaka."
    Thanks to Josh Cooley for this link


  • NZ ski resort breaks snowfall record by more than a meter - 9 Sep 09  Excerpt: New Zealand's Cardrona Alpine Resort has broken its accumulated snowfall record by over a metre, with 317cm of snowfall this season. The previous biggest year on record was 2004 (213cm). 
    Thanks to Josh Cooley for this link


  • First snow of the season in the Alps - 16 Sep 09 – “It is snowing down to Morenia (2500m) but not yet in the village. "There's approximately 20cm of new powder on the top of the resort at the Allalin (3500m)," says Nadia Reusser from the resort. In neighbouring Zermatt it is a similar picture.

    "We have had around 10cm and there is a forecast for more snow later this week," says Thomas Schetty from the Swiss resort's lift company.

    “In Austria, the Grossglockner pass had 10cm of snow with some roads closed and the authorities ordered drivers to put chains on their vehicles.

    “The Malta highway in Carinthia was closed beyond Kölnbrein, and the Sölk Pass linking Murau and the Enns Valley in Styria was also shut according to the Austrian car club, OAMTC.”

    Snow has also fallen across many other high areas in The Alps.

    See pictures from web cams across The Alps:
    See also:
    Thanks to Josh Cooley for these links


  • Antarctic Cold Front Triggers Deadly Argentine Twister
    11 Sep 09 - Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil were raked by a powerful late-winter cold front that spawned at least one deadly tornado along with hail and high winds.

    At least 10 people were killed by a twister that tore through San Pedro, in the northeastern Argentine province of Misiones.

    “It was something never seen here before,” said San Pedro mayor Orlando Wolfart, adding that several homes had been knocked from their foundations. “The forest is gone, houses, the Santa Rosa neighborhood had a health center inaugurated three years ago, and it's gone,”

    In the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarine, four people died when high winds knocked over 90 houses.

    In Paraguay, severe storms brought large hail that damaged hundreds of homes as well as large tracts of crops.

    In the Uruguayan capital of Asuncion, temperatures plunged from 95F to 54F — more than a 40 degree drop.
    Thanks to Charles Patrick for this link


  • New Zealand - Wet, record cold forecast for 2010
    30 Aug 09 - Weather expert Ken Ring, who has a surprisingly accurate
    record, has predicted a wet and cooler summer next year, followed by a
    winter that lasts a month longer than this year, with record-breaking cold
    snaps during March and April - the coldest on record in half a century.
    See New Zealand - Wet, record cold forecast for 2010


  • Frost Watch for Major Agricultural Areas – Upper Midwest and Canadian Prairies - 28 Aug 09 – Expect chilly conditions across parts of the Upper Midwest and Canadian Prairies. A light frost is possible Saturday night in the wheat, canola and barley areas of eastern Saskatchewan and Manitoba. 
    Thanks to Kenneth Lund for this link


  • Severe rain in the west of Ireland...again - 24 Aug 09 – An elderly brother and sister had to be rescued from their home in Co Clare yesterday morning after torrential downpours left them standing knee-high in water in their kitchen.

    Several areas of the county were badly affected by yesterday’s heavy rain, and several roads remained impassable last night.

    Warning signs were erected across Donegal, and for a while there were fears that parts of Gweedore faced a repeat threat of the devastation caused to the village of Derrybeg by flash floods in June.  
    Thanks to Danno Dunne for this link


  • Blizzard to Hit Chile - 20 Aug 09 – “A potent storm system moving toward southern Chille will produce a blizzard in the southern Andes Friday. More than 12 inches (30 cm) of snow is expected.
    Thanks to Tom Meyer for this link

  • Frost Warnings Surrounding Edmonton Alberta! In August!!!
    14 Aug 09 - I am an avid reader of your site, and your book “Not by fire
    but by Ice.” What’s happening in the world today really scares me. Especially
    when the truth about global cooling is staring you right in the face!
    See Frost Warnings Surrounding Edmonton! In August!!!

  • Wettest July on record in many parts of Ireland -
    four times normal in places
    - 5 Aug 09
    Over twice the normal July rainfall totals were recorded over most parts of the country, with more than three times the normal amount in parts of Leinster and Munster. It was the wettest July for over 50 years in many places and the wettest on
    record at a number of stations, including Valentia Observatory, where records began more than a century ago.
    Dublin’s total of 122mm was its highest for July since 1936, while Johnstown Castle’s total of 222mm represents 389% of its normal July fall. Most stations recorded between 19 and 25 wet days during the month (days with 1mm or more rainfall), twice the normal range for July of between nine and 13.


  • Record low temps in Canada - 5 Aug 09
    Location                  low temp         previous record/year
    Saskatoon              2.9(37.2F)           5.0(41F)/1917
    North Battleford     1.9(35.4F)           3.9(39F)/1932
    Rosetown               2.8(37F)             3.9(39F)/1953


  • Austria - First 6 months of the year 2nd wettest in 190 years - 5 Aug 09 
    "The first six months of the year were the second wettest in 190 years in 
    northern and eastern Austria, the Central Agency for Meteorology and 
    Geodynamics (ZAMG) in Vienna reported last week.
    "ZAMG climatologist Alexander Orlik said rainfall in northern and eastern 
    Austria had been 147 per cent of the average for the period during the past 
    190 years – just behind the first six months of 1965 when precipitation was 
    153 per cent of normal."
    Thanks to Jimmy Walter for this link
  • Historic winter storm in South America
    22 Jul 09 - A major and historic winter storm is underway in Argentina.
    Snow is falling in many parts of the country not used to winter precipitation.
    Snow already has been observed in the provinces of Mendoza, San Luis,
    San Juan, Cordoba, La Pampa and Buenos Aires.
    See Historic winter storm in South America

  • Major Storm Striking Southern South America - Snowflakes expected in Buenos Aires - 20 Jul 09 - The storm will whip up a range of adverse weather affecting not only Argentina, but Uruguay, Paraguay and southern Brazil, too.

    Cold air blasting northward out of Patagonia will instigate the coldest weather of the Southern winter thus far. Moreover, the cold will turn rain to snow on Tuesday night and Wednesday in areas of Argentina`s southern Pampas. Rare snowflakes may even reach the city of Buenos Aires.
    Thanks to Kenneth Lund for this link


  • Record low temperatures at 13 sites in Saskatchewan –
    one going back to 1900, another to 1911 -
    16 Jul 09

    Station         temperature   old record   year
    Broadview               4.4             5.0         1976
    Elbow                      4.2             7.5         1999
    Estevan                    3.7             7.2         1911
    Meadow Lake         4.0             5.3         1985
    Moose Jaw              4.9             6.7         2003
    Nipawin                   4.4             5.3         2000
    North Battleford      4.8             6.7         1969
    Prince Albert           3.3             5.0         1900
    Regina                     2.4             4.4         1906
    Rosetown                5.6             6.0         1979
    Saskatoon               4.4             5.6         1969
    Watrous                  5.0             5.4         2000
    Wynyard                 3.5             7.0         1982


  • Winter arrives three months early in Peru killing 246 children under the age of five - 12 Jul 09 - This year freezing temperatures arrived almost three months earlier than usual in Peru’s southern Andes. “The extreme cold, which has brought snow, hail, freezing temperatures and strong winds, has killed more children than recorded annually for the past four years.

     “A total of 246 under the age of five have died so far, only half way through the winter months."

    “Experts blame climate change for the early arrival of intense cold which began in March.”

                Are we really supposed to believe that global warming
                caused “the early arrival of intense cold”? Oh yes, we're
                supposed to call it “climate change” now, aren’t we?
    Thanks to Matt Knight and John Brown in Ardrossan, Scotland for this link


  • Coldest May on record in New Zealand – 2nd coldest June
    10 Jul 09 - Niwa senior climate scientist Georgina Griffiths said May "broke records from one end of the country to the other - it was the coldest May on record."

    It was wet too, with double the normal rainfall for May in Wairarapa, Canterbury and Otago while much of Northland, Auckland, Wellington and Southland got at least 150 percent of normal May rainfall.

    June didn't fare much better as Ngawi saw the mercury plunge to just 6.6C on June 16 - the lowest daily maximum temperature on the books.

    Wairarapa, alongside most of the lower North Island, experienced the second-coldest June in recorded history, with Ngawi and Martinborough reporting average maximum daytime temperatures of 11.6C and 11.9C respectively.

    Ms Griffiths said these temperatures were 1.5C lower than what is typical for June - a pattern repeated across the lower North Island.

    See entire article by Matt Stewart
    Thanks to Benjamin Napier and Steven Woodcock for this link


  • Britain's heaviest rain since records began in 1865
    8 Jul 09 - All I can say is “Look out this winter.”
    See Britain's heaviest rainfall since records began in 1865


  • Frost warnings for Canada … in July! - 7 Jul 09 - Environment Canada - “A ridge of high pressure building towards Newfoundland from Québec will bring mostly clear skies to central and eastern Newfoundland tonight with light winds. This combined with an unseasonably cool air mass will cause pockets of frost to form as temperatures fall to near the freezing mark. The more sheltered and low-lying areas are expected to be the coldest and most prone to receiving the frost.


  • 15 day’s worth of rain in Dublin in one hour - Dublin Airport recorded 15 days of average rainfall in one hour last night. Met Éireann says more heavy rain is forecast tonight, but a repeat of last night's rainfall is 'inconceivable'.

    Water levels on roads, which caused major traffic disruption earlier, have now subsided in many parts of the city and clean-up operations are underway.

    The Mater Misericordiae Hospital was also affected by the heavy rains, where a roof collapsed in the old part of the hospital forcing patients to be moved from one ward.
              Just imagine if all of that precipitation had fallen in the winter!
              That's how ice ages begin.

    Thanks to Danno Dunne at for this link


  • Best skiing in New Zealand in 25 years
    2 Jul 09 – Email from reader in New Zealand
    Hi Robert,
    In April, the New Zealand National Institute Water and Atmosphere (NIWA) stated that over the three months of May, June, and July, average or above average temperatures were likely across the whole country.

    Now they’ve toned it down: “After a very cold two months, the centre says temperatures for the coming season (July, August, and September combined) are likely to be about average.”

    Meanwhile, the ski fields here have the best snow in twenty five years.
    Tony Andrew
    Auckland, New Zealand
           (NIWA climate scientist Georgina Griffiths now admits that May
           was the coldest on record in many parts of New Zealand - see below)


  • Coldest May on record in many parts of New Zealand - 2 Jul 09 - May was the coldest on record in many parts of New Zealand and June was not far behind, said National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (Niwa) climate scientist Georgina Griffiths.

    Ms Griffiths said June was cold, frosty and sunny for most of the country with average daily high temperatures for the month between 1.5C and 2.5C below normal.

    The average maximum daily temperature in Auckland for June was the second lowest in 50 years - 13.6C.

    Several places recorded their lowest June average minimum daily temperatures: Warkworth, Whangaparaoa, Port Taharoa (coastal Waikato), Turangi, Paraparaumu, Wellington, Wanganui and Banks Peninsula.
    Thanks to Bill Franklin for this link


  • Heat in England will drop soon –
    expect dangerous thunderstorms, deluges, hail, and floods 2-4 July
    30 Jun 09 - "The current hot spell in England will end sooner than standard forecasts have been saying and consequently many parts will not reach the top temperatures which have been claimed" said Piers Corbyn of WeatherAction long range forecasters today.

    "Our long range forecast spelt out some time ago that the present hotspell will dramatically terminate in massive dangerous thunderstorms, hail and flash floods with a high risk of damaging whirlwinds in period 2-4 July. These events will be more severe than standard meteorology currently expects.

    "Ireland, Wales, most of England, and much of west France and the Low Countries will be severely hit and around a month's worth of rain will fall in a matter of hours in some places.  
    See entire article:
    Thanks to Piers Corbyn for this link


  • British meteorologist Piers Corbyn successfully forecast the recent tornadoes, hail and rain in the USA - 30 Jun 09 - "These events ... will be statistically more significant for England than the recent pack of tornadoes, hail & rain deluges which we successfully predicted for the USA for 'around 22-24 June' and was reported on ABC TV in the USA and for which we have been warmly congratulated by people affected in the USA. (see VIDEO link for ABC 15 minute coverage of WeatherAction & Piers Corbyn 


  • Worst flooding in Vienna in 50 years - 24 Jun 09 –Vienna – “The heaviest downpours here in 50 years have flooded streets and are forcing Vienna's Albertina Museum, home to landmark Impressionist works by Monet and Renoir, to move 950,000 artworks from its leaking underground depot. 13,000 firemen and police have been deployed across Austria.
    Thanks to Bob Mann for this link


  • 10 die in central Europe floods- 25 Jun 09 - Czech Republic reports 10 deaths; Austria and Poland also swamped. A number of roads and railway lines, including a major track that connects the capital Prague with the eastern Czech Republic and Poland, have been closed as rivers flood their banks.
    Thanks to Bob Mann for this link


  • Like November in Sweden - 10 Jun 09 – Email from a reader in Stockholm
    Dear Robert,
    Hello from a very damp, grey and cold Stockholm.  It is like November outside. If this lasts much longer the trees will give up for the year and start dropping their leaves and going back to sleep. Never did believe in Global Warming! Total fraud! It went down to 2.9C overnight during last weekend which is way, way down on normal this time of year when it barely gets dark for a couple of hours at night.

    I noticed the following link on the BBC web page. It is interesting to see how they cannot explore the science but are instead trying to tilt the blame for whatever may happening to man-made CO2 emissions.

    Scroll down to the heading “The Return of the Ice Age”

    Also take a look at the section “Magnetic Pole Reversal”

    My bet is that, having got caught out, they will start slowly changing tack so that they can still sting us with their carbon taxes.

    Keep up the great work!


  • Canadian frosts most widespread in recent memory - 9 Jun 09 – The frosts that blanketed Western Canada last week are the most widespread in Manitoba are the worst in memory for their frequency and area covered, said Derwyn Hammond, the province's senior agronomy specialist for the Canola Council.

    In Saskatchewan, the frosts were the worst in five years. Some farmers have already reseeded their canola, a Canadian variant of rapeseed.

    In Alberta, the canola crop is two to three weeks behind schedule, while Western Canada wheat and barley crops are an estimated 10 days behind.
    See: nd_in_a_week.php
    Thanks to Craig Adkins for this link


  • Alberta, Saskatchewan get snow in June - 6 Jun 09 - "In Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, which straddles the border between Alberta and Saskatchewan, forecasters reported a heavy snowfall.

    “We had a report from the park there was 15 centimetres on the ground and still snowing heavily,” said Dan Fulton with Environment Canada.

    “We will be expecting total snow there of about 20 or maybe even 25 centimetres (Saturday) in the park.”
    Thanks to Norm Smith in Chilliwack, BC for this link


  • "Freakish snow flurries" in the UK – enough to build SNOWMEN - in the middle of summer - 5 Jun 09 - "Parts of Britain resembled Siberia today as freakish snow flurries fell in the middle of the summer" ... "a phenomenon considered to be 'remarkable' so late in the season."

    "Snow descended on peaks above 2,300ft, falling on the Pennines, where temperatures were as low as 3C (37.4F)."

    Though snow is rare in June, there have been a few occurrences - on June 12 1791, on June 2 1975, and on June 7 1985.
    See entire article and photos:
    Thanks to Emma Corry for this link


  • Big snow in Antarctica - 23 May 09 - One of the Observatory staff who works in the valley office sent along some info last week about a series of severe storms that battered the research station at McMurdo in Antarctica. Fellow blogger Jesse Ferrel also briefly mentions it on his blog page in his Tumblr feed. In a nutshell, three different storms dropped over 6 feet of snow at the station and shattered all sorts of snowfall records and also brought some very windy conditions. Very impressive, especially for a place that normally doesn't see a lot of snowfall. arkb&pgurl=/mtweb/content/Clarkb/archives/2009/05/big_snow_in_antartica_and_a_challeng e_to_the_big_wind.asp
    Thanks to Tom Meyer for this link


  • Record low May temperatures in New Zealand - 2 Jun 09 - Lowest May temperatures ever recorded in many locations and double normal rainfall for most of South Island

    Extremely low temperatures (between 2.0 and 2.5 °C lower than normal) over most of the South Island, lower parts of the North Island, King Country, Waikato, Auckland and parts of Northland. Most other locations experienced well below average temperatures (between 1.2 and 2.0 °C lower than normal). The national average temperature of 9.0°C was 1.6°C below the long-term average for May.

    Double the normal rainfall for May (about 200 percent of normal) in the Wairarapa, Canterbury and Otago. Much of Northland, Auckland, Wellington and Southland received at least 150 percent of normal May rainfall.

    Many locations received record low maximum and minimum temperatures, particularly between the 9th and the 11th and on the 21st and 22nd of May.


  • Freeze warnings for Alberta, Ontario, New Brunswick and Quebec
    2 Jun 09 – Email from a reader in Alberta, Canada
    Hi, Lance here and check your site daily and appreciate all the great work you do. Keep up the fight! I operate a ‘climate station’ here in southern Alberta, and noticed on Environment Canada’s web page some record lows: They are calling for frost again tonight!!

    Lance Appleby


  • Snowfall warning for Schefferville, Quebec - 2 Jun 09
    A low pressure system over Labrador will move northward this evening.
    It will dump five more centimetres of snow in the Schefferville area.
    On Wednesday, snow will still be falling throughout the day but with
    less intensity.
    Thanks to Lance Appleby for this link


  • Coldest May day ever recorded in Alice Springs, Australia 
    31 May 09 - The mercury at the Central Australian town didn't get above 9.6C on Saturday, well below the previous record low of 10.5, set on May 21, 1980.
    Thanks to Ray Baney, Alice Springs Northern Territory, Australia for this link


  • Coldest May morning on record in Australia - 22 May 09 - Two far north Queensland towns have experienced their coldest May morning on record.

    Cooktown, north of Cairns, dropped to 10 degrees Celsius - two degrees below its previous record low, while Coen on Cape York Peninsula recorded just 10.4 degrees.

    At Ravenshoe, temperatures as low as 3C were reported, while at Mareeba, the temperature dropped to 9.4C.

  • New Zealand misses autumn - goes straight to winter - 21 May 09 - NZ Herald - Rotorua awoke to the rare sight of snow this morning with the eastern suburbs and hills behind the airport coated.

    Weather analyst Philip Duncan says winter has "well and truly arrived early". "It's like we haven't had an autumn. We had a warm April but there's been no in between," he said yesterday. "We are two months away from the coldest part of the year, so to see temperatures this low is certainly eyebrow-raising."
    Thanks to Tony Andrew for this info


  • Dawning of a new ice age in New Zealand? - 20 May 09 - You mention a freak hail storm in Mt Maunganui (a glorious Kiwi surfers paradise, where frost is rare).  I live there, blogged about it. The dawning of a new ice age seems evident.
    Thanks to Mike Houlding for this link


  • Snow is Saudi Arabia - 19 May 09 - In one of the rare occasions, Saudis enjoy the snowfall in Al-Baha city south-west of Riyadh, Tuesday. Torrential rains pouring down on Al-Baha accompanied by gusty winds were accompanied by snow capping the mountains and covering the valley areas and the forests of Al-Zaraeb and Khayrah.
    Thanks to Becky Khan for this link


  • Snow in Alberta for the May long weekend - 19 May 09 - Flowers and shrubs wilted under wet snow Tuesday in Alberta as the temperature at one point hovered around freezing - just one degree warmer than the Arctic community of Iqaluit. This after most of the Prairies shivered through a miserable long weekend.

    Environment Canada issued heavy snow warnings for as much as 20cm in parts of central Alberta. Advisories were also out for northern Alberta and northern Saskatchewan, while Manitoba experienced below-seasonal temperatures. 519102A.xml&CatID=National
    Thanks to Cam McNaughton for this link


  • Heavy Snow Buries Ontario - 17 May 09 - Heavy snow buried portions of the Canadian Prairies Friday evening through Saturday, while high winds created dangerous white-out conditions. A foot of snow fell across portions of the region, most notably Pickle Lake, Ontario.
    Thanks to Kenneth Lund and Thomas L. for this link


  • New Zealand ski fields open much earlier than normal - 14 May 09
    Hi Robert - The Ski field on Mount Taranaki (formally Mount Egmont) North Island of New Zealand has already opened and many South Island Ski fields are looking at opening much earlier then normal after early heavy snow in Southern Alps in South Island and North Island of New Zealand.

    Attributed to recent "rogue storm" however identical massive area of disturbed air now approaching from south west for repeat. Was in Dunedin last weekend, snow on top flagstaff hill from about five hundred metres. Massive hailstorm at Mount Manganui North Island with hail up to sills of cars couple of days ago.

    Godwits, which migrate from Alaska to New Zealand, arrived several weeks early at Christchurch where they ring the bells on their arrival.
                                                      - Anthony Andrew Auckland New Zealand


  • econd Coolest April this Century - 7 May 09 – According to, the
    month of April globally was the second coolest April so far this century.
    Thanks to Tom Meyer for this link


  • It’s snowing all over the world - 6 May 09 - Ice in the Arctic is often twice as thick as expected, report surprised scientists who returned last week from a major scientific expedition. The scientists - a 20-member contingent from Canada, the U.S., Germany, and Italy - spent one month exploring the North Pole as well as never-before measured regions of the Arctic.

    Among their findings: Rather than finding newly formed ice to be two metres thick, "we measured ice thickness up to four metres," stated a spokesperson for the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research of the Helmholtz Association, Germany's largest scientific organisation.
    See entire article: 
    Thanks to Justin Davies for this link


  • Zermatt gets snow dump of the season - 30 Apr 09 - Huge late season
    snowfalls hit Switzerland this week, and Zermatt received a massive 187cm
    on Tuesday, probably its biggest snowfall of the season. Saas Fee and Cervinia
    in Italy have also benefitted from the same storm, both receiving more than one
    metre. See
    Thanks to Rhys Jaggar for this info


  • More like February than April in France - 30 Apr 09 - Some 60cm of fresh snow has fallen on the Pissaillas glacier, and down in town they received around 10cm of snow on Monday night and Tuesday. The snow is fantastic for this time
    of the year and on the upper slopes the amount of fresh snow is more like it would be in February than the end of April.
    Thanks to Rhys Jaggar for this info


  • Australian ski resort opens earliest in its history - 1 May 09 - Mount Buller resort is opening five weeks ahead of schedule this weekend after 35cm of early snowfall blanketed the slopes this week.This is the earliest we’ve opened a lift and ski run in the history of Mount Buller resort, said Laurie Blampied,
    General Manager of Buller Ski Lifts.

    Snow is also falling at Perisher Blue in New South Wales, which received
    25cm on Monday night. The thick layer of snow is making the resort look
    more like July than early May.
    Thanks to Rhys Jaggar for this info


  • Lowest April temperature ever recorded in Australia
    29 Apr 09 – Thermometers plummeted to minus 13 degrees at Charlotte Pass on the Snowy Mountains, the lowest temperature ever recorded anywhere in Australia for the entire month of April and 13 below average. At nearby Perisher, the mercury dipped to minus 11 and at the top of Thredbo it dipped to minus 10.

    Across the border on the Victorian Alps, April records were broken on Mt Hotham at minus eight degrees and at Mt Buller and Falls Creek where dropped to minus seven.

    A few other locations set April low temperature records also. In Tasmania Lake Leake reached minus six, Sheffield and Dover both reached minus one, and Flinders island dropped to zero. At 1.7 degrees Hobart had its coldest April night in 46 years, seven below average.


  • Still almost 20 feet of snow in Switzerland - 29 Apr 09 - Email from reader
    Daily snowfall/snowdepth measurements for two regions of Central Switzerland show that many stations between 2000 and 2500m have four to six metres of snow still. ( )

    This is rather a lot for the last few days in April! Many regions have just had up to 70cm of new snow down to below 2000m - not unknown, but still showing that winter has not fully gone yet.

    Regards, Rhys Jaggar


  • Earliest snow in a decade in Australia - 26 Apr 09 - With six weeks to go before the ski season starts, as much as 20cm of snow fell at Mount Hotham
    and Falls Creek. Mount Buller and Mt Baw Baw and Lake Mountain recorded
    10cm, with more snow expected. 

    In NSW, up to 20cm of snow fell in the Snowy Mountains, the earliest since
    1996. Perisher had 5cm of fresh snow, while 20cm fell at Charlotte Pass.
    Thanks to Lyn (Crazyruffdog) for this link

    Early winter in Australia - 26 Apr 09 - Victorians are being urged to batten
    down the hatches with wild, wintry weather sweeping across the state. The mercury plunged to below zero with temperatures of minus three and minus four at some alpine areas and ski resorts bringing the promise of early snow. Victorian weather service Skipress said up to 10mm of snow fell overnight at Falls Creek, one of the state's biggest ski resorts.
    Thanks to Ozgur for this link


  • Early Snow in Australia - 26 Apr 09 – Email from reader
    "The small snow season that Australia has normally runs from June through to September but today it snowed and possibly will snow again tomorrow. Usually forecasters are hoping for snow falls to open the season with in June so they don’t have to make snow." - Julie Hobson


  • Snow, cold in Kashmir - 8 Apr 09 - About one and half feet of fresh snowfall was recorded at world famous ski resort of Gulmarg while the entire Kashmir valley was under the grip of severe cold following fresh snowfall on upper reaches and heavy rains in plains, disrupting normal life.
    Thanks to Tom Woods for this link

  • Okanagan winter 10th coldest on record
    7 Apr 09 – “Meteorologists suspect coastal B.C. is now being nipped by a trend of colder than normal winter temperatures that could last a decade. Or two. Or three.” 


  • Earthquake toll hits 260 - 8 Apr 09 - Aftershocks spark new fears in tent camps for 28,000 who lost homes


  • Italy quake toll now 207, government says


  • 6.3 magnitude quake strikes Italy - 6 Apr 09 - Rubble blocked most of the streets in the medieval town after an earthquake measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale knocked down entire blocks of buildings in central Italy early this morning.

    The earthquake struck near l'Aquila in the mountainous region of Abruzzo 70 miles (100 km) northeast of Rome.

    Seventy deaths have been reported so far, and tens of thousands of people left homeless.

    Thousands of buildings - some from the 13th century - have been damaged or completely collapsed, said an official.

    The earthquake came hours after a 4.6 magnitude tremor struck in Ravenna, in the northwest, on Sunday night.

    The town of Castelnuovo also appeared hard hit, and Onno almost completely leveled.


  • Record snowfall in Calgary leads to dome collapse
    23 Mar 09 - A spring storm that swept through Calgary dumped up to
    25 cm of snow on some neighborhoods and led to the collapse of a dome
    over an indoor driving range.
    See Record snowfall in Calgary leads to dome collapse


  • Low temperature records broken across Western Canada
    12 Mar 09 – More than 40 records broken, in some cases very substantially  (shattered might be a better word). Some of the records date back to1925.

    Thanks to Peter Leyser and Joe D'Aleo for this link


  • Drivers stranded by blizzards - thousands of commuters
    delayed by frozen railways
    5 Mar 09 - Motorists were stranded and commuters faced rail
    disruption this morning after unexpected overnight storms dumped
    several inches of snow onto parts of England.
    See Drivers stranded by blizzards


  • Slap-in-the-face-winter isn’t over yet
    1 Mar 09 - This winter was "almost like a slap in the face," says
    Environment Canada’s senior climatologist David Phillips.
    See Slap-in-the-face-winter isn’t over yet

  • 'Snow bomb' dumps record snowfall across New Brunswick
    24 Feb 09 -  McNamee saw more than 65 cm of snowfall during
    Monday’s blizzard, while Kouchibouguac received 60 cm of snow.
    See 'Snow bomb' dumps record snowfall across New Brunswick


  • 10,000 people cut off from outside world
    19 Feb 09 - In Serbia, more than 30 villages are blocked. In Albania, where
    three meters (10 feet) of snow fell in one night, at least five municipalities and
    some 10,000 people are blocked.
    See 10,000 people cut off from outside world
    Colombia volcano erupts twice in less than a week
    23 Feb 09 - A volcano in southwest Colombia, near Equador’s border,
    erupted again Friday morning, raining ash on nearby residents and fields.
    It has erupted several times since it became active again in 1989.
    Thanks to Gordon Pratt for this link


  • Heavy snow kills children, destroys houses in Afghanistan - 24 Feb 09 (Reported today by IRIN, but occurred a week earlier) - Four days of heavy
    snow in the Herat and Ghor provinces of Afghanistan wreak havoc: A dozen
    people killed, homes damaged, livestock killed, many remote areas in northern,
    western and central Afghanistan, cut off by snow.
    Thanks to Becky Khan for this link


  • Ten feet of snow in one night! -19 Feb 09 - Large areas of the Balkans
    have been hit by heavy snow and severe cold with temperatures plunging
    to around minus 20C. About 10,000 people have been cut off in northern
    Albania after three meters of snow fell on Wednesday night.
    Thanks to Stephanie Relfe for this link


  • Heavy Rains Follow Record Snowfall in Britain
    10 Feb 09 - Heavy rains combined with melting snow are now causing
    massive flooding throughout England and Wales. Almost a month's worth
    of rain fell in 24 hours in some parts of southern England, and a band of
    snow hit a swath of the country from south Wales to the Midlands. More
    than 100 flood warnings were issued, and many roads were shut and
    trains and flights canceled. n-12930 
    Thanks to Stephanie Relfe for this link.
    “This caused massive flooding,” says Stephanie. “What if it had been snow?”


  • Snow and frost kill off many UK early blooming flowers and plants 
    15 Feb 09 - Surveys in Devon and Cornwall - traditionally the counties with
    the earliest blooms - have revealed a 60 per cent decrease in flowering plants.


  • Snow wreaks havoc on Britain's roads - 13 Feb 09 - Britain was
    hit by yet more snow storms causing travel chaos. Airports and roads
    were closed and hundreds of schools were forced to shut.

    Blizzards paralysed parts of Scotland before sweeping down across
    north-east England. By Thursday night, even London shivered as the
    front worked its way south bringing sleet and snow to the capital.
    Thanks to Stephanie Relfe for this link


  • Britain braced for another freezing week as temperatures drop
    to minus 15C -
    8 Feb 09 - More snow and ice are pushing Britain's
    coldest spell for two decades into a second week, after a night which
    saw the lowest temperature of the winter so far.

    Temperatures were well below zero across the country, as the freezing
    conditions claimed three more lives yesterday.

    More snow is expected to move across parts of northern England and
    Scotland today and tomorrow morning as a national salt shortage continues.

    Table salt will be spread on roads in Gloucestershire as the council runs
    desperately low of rock salt.

    Salt shipments are on the way from Spain, Germany, Italy and Tunisia.


  • Killer Snow in Morocco
    5 Feb 09 - Fourteen people killed
    when their houses collapsed following
    heavy snowfalls in Morocco.
    See Killer Snow in Morocco

    Birds dying as snow covers food supply -
    04 Feb 09 - Wild birds are
    in danger of freezing or starving to death in London because of this week’s
    snow, the RSPB warned today.

    The society’s London Team has started a ‘cold weather’ appeal urging house-
    holders to put out fatty scraps and water to help birds survive the bitter winter.

    The heavy snowfall has covered food sources like seeds, berries and grubs,
    leaving birds struggling to feed themselves and keep warm, it warns.

    Thanks to Stephanie Relfe for this link


  • Council resorts to table salt for roads - 6 Feb 09 - Gloucestershire
    County Council has been running low on rock salt to grit the county's roads
    but has now found 500 tonnes of white table salt.

    The council had called salt suppliers and other local authorities nationally
    and internationally as its own supplies ran out and finally negotiated a
    delivery, which will start arriving in the county on Sunday.

    White salt, or normal table salt, is not usually used to grit roads, but the
    council said they had to resort to any means necessary in the extreme
    weather conditions.


  • Britain faces winter weekend from hell
    as fresh snowfall causes travel chaos
    - 6 Feb 09

    • Severn bridges close due to falling ice
    • Roads treacherous as grit stocks run low
    • Airports closed, trains and buses cancelled
    • Couple saved from ditch in Cornwall after 7 hours
    • 21,000 homes without power in West Country


  • Falling ice shuts major bridges 
    Fifth day of weather chaos blights Britain
    - 6 Feb 09 - As heavy
    snow brings parts of the UK to a standstill, two main roads have been
     shut because ice has been falling from overhead sign gantries and
    smashing car windscreens.

    "We have had reports of sheets of ice up to one metre square,” said
    Jim Clune, general manager of Severn River Crossing Plc. “Five
    vehicles have reported windscreens smashed from falling sheets of ice."

    Meanwhile, around 200 people were rescued from their cars overnight
    in an emergency operation involving police, Army and civilian teams
    after becoming stranded in blizzard conditions south of Exeter in Devon.

    Motorist Lucy Johnson: "It was horrific. I've never driven in anything
    like it before in my life and hope to never drive in anything like it again.
    Cars were skidding off the road. It was coming down so heavily you
    could barely see."
    Thanks to Andrew Servo in Scotland for this link
              “I suppose global warming must be melting the ice!"
                says Andrew. “We’re also running out of grit salt
                here in the UK.”


  • More Snow Hits United Kingdom 
    Commuters rescued from their cars due to intense snow
    6 Feb 09 - More snow hit Great Britain Friday, causing school and
    airport closures. Some commuters had to be rescued from their cars
    due to the intense snow. In the Devon area, 150 people were taken
    to shelters after being stranded in theirs cars for several hours.
    Thanks to Kenneth Lund for this link


  • No snowploughs in London?- 3 Feb 09 – Email from a reader in Scotland: "Honestly, the guy (London's Mayor) is as much use as an ashtray on a
    motorbike." See No snowploughs in London?

  • Europe blanketed in heavy snowfalls - Snow reaches northern Morocco
    3 Feb 09 - A blanket of snow covered large parts of western Europe
    on Monday after some of the heaviest falls in two decades.
    See Europe blanketed in heavy snowfalls .


  • It's going to last all week! ... and more is on the way
    3 Feb 09 - Snowfall halts London's buses for the first time in living
    memory - they even continued to run during the Blitz - and the rail
    network ground to a halt.
    See It's going to last all week!

  • Heavy Snow Hits Much of Britain  - Worst in over two decades
    2 Feb 09 - Some parts of London could see a foot (30cm) of snow, while
    northern England and the Pennines could see as much as 20 inches (50cm).
    Heavy Snow Hits Much of Britain  - Worst in over two decades

  • UK Braces for Another Cold Snap – Coldest winter since 1995/96
    29 Jan 09 - "So far, the winter of 2008/2009 has seen temperatures
    between 1C and 1.5C below average and with a freezing start to
    February this winter looks set to be the coldest since the winter of
    1995/1996. On December 30th 1995 the lowest ever UK temperature
    of -27.2C (-17F) was equalled - recorded in Altnaharra, Scotland."
    Thanks to Rhys Jaggar and John Brown in the UK for this link


  • Cold breaks 125-year-old record in Fredericton  
    16 Jan 09 - The province of New Brunswicks experienced record-
    low temperatures Friday morning.

    Cote, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, said communities
    across the province broke some long-standing weather records. The
    mercury dropped to 34.3 C in Fredericton Friday morning, breaking
    a record set in 1884.

    Thanks to Marc Morano for this link


  • Vancouver 1 cm short of all-time December snow record
    18 Jan 09 – Email from reader in Vancouver, B.C.
    See Vancouver 1 cm short of all-time December snow record

  • USA freeze set to continue into next week - 17 Jan 09 - Bitterly
    cold arctic air pushed down from Canada early this week behind a
    succession of winter storms that dumped heavy snow across the
    Midwest and northeast. The cold has now stretched as far south
    as Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina giving southerners
    unaccustomed to the cold, a big shock.

    Schools were closed in dozens of states and homeless shelters were
    quickly overcrowded. The cold has frozen over lakes and ponds and
    threatened to kill large numbers of native flora and fauna.

    Meanwhile, continuous snow in the eastern Lake Ontario region and
    Cayuga County could lead to accumulations of 46cm (18 inches).
    Thanks to John Brown in Ardrossan, Scotland, for this link


  • Record cold in Britain triggers government payouts for heating
    6 Jan 09 - Forecasters warned that tonight will be even colder.
    The icy conditions also stranded thousands of motorists.
    See Record cold in Britain triggers government payouts for heating subsidies


  • Slovenia registers lowest temperatures ever -
    No earrings at -49 below!
    10 Jan 09 - At the Bohin resort, a half frozen weatherman standing
    outside reported minus 49°C.

    Slovenian Media have reported recommendations of the meteorological
    institute of Germany, which alarms over the risks of having piercings –
    the metal earrings on people’s body could cause dangerous freezing.

    No metal objects attached to the body should be worn, warns the
    media, for people who must venture outside. For everyone else,
    Slovenian media urges its citizens to stay in their homes.
    Thanks to Steven Woodcock, Dan Clemmts and Jeff Reed for this link


  • Snow continues to trap thousands at Madrid airport
    10 Jan 09 - More snow fell on the capital overnight allowing no respite
    for passengers. Spain, like many other parts of Europe, has had an
    unusually cold winter so far.
    Thanks to Steven Woodcock for this link


  • Brazil summer temps coldest in 99 years
    9 Jan 09 – "Its really strange; when it should be cold, its hot enough
    to fry an egg. And vice versa. Theres no explaining it."
    See Brazil summer temps coldest in 99 years

  • Madrid airport closed as Europe freezes - 9 Jan 09
             Check out the spin at the end of the article.
    - Nearly 400 km (250 miles) of traffic jams in and around Spanish capital
    - Several rivers in Germany frozen
    - Much of Europe enduring Siberian conditions
    - Days of heavy snow in France's southern Marseille region
    - Germany experiencing one of its coldest winters in 100 years
    - Several German rivers frozen over, blocking ship traffic
    - Drift ice covers 80 to 90 percent of the surface of the river Elbe
       from Doemnitz to Germany's main port of Hamburg.
    See Madrid airport closed as Europe freezes


  • Madrid travel snarled by deepest snow in decades
    9 Jan 09 - One of the heaviest snowfalls in decades closed Madrid
    airport and brought traffic in the Spanish capital to a standstill on Friday.

    With snow falling throughout the day, Madrid's regional government
    convened a meeting of its crisis committee and raised its warning level
    to orange -- the second highest.

    The National Meteorology Institute said 10 cm (4 inches) of snow
    was expected in Madrid on Friday. More snow is expected over
    much of the country during the weekend.

    Snow is a rarity in Madrid.
    Thanks to Steven Woodcock for this link


  • Germany - One of coldest winters in 100 years
    9 Jan 09 – “According to the German Weather Service (DWD), this
    is one of the coldest winters of the past 100 years. It is quite rare that
    such low temperatures as in the past days were measured, said DWD
    meteorologist Thomas Schmidt yesterday. The weather service
    Meteomedia Funtensee identified yesterday in the Bavarian Alps
    minus 34.6 degrees.

    “For the first time in years is the Müritz (the second largest lake in
    Germany) … completely covered with ice. In northern Germany
    increasingly hampered ice inland: The Elbe is from Friday morning
    above Hamburg because of a thick blanket of ice for shipping. The
    iciness also makes the barge in North Rhine-Westphalia and
    Bavaria to create.” 


  • Germany Sinks into Spectacular Deep Freeze
    6 Jan 09 - Temperatures in Germany fell as low as minus 24.8 degrees
    Celsius (minus 12.6F) on Monday night, with the country covered in a
    spectacular sheet of snow and ice.

    There were some delays to flights and railway delays but there was no
    repeat of the transport chaos that hit parts of Germany after heavy snowfall
    led to a 35-km jam on the northern A2 motorway on Sunday night.

    Temperatures are expected to remain Arctic for several days, heightening
    concern about the current disruptions to the supply of Russian gas to
    Europe as a result of a dispute between Russian gas company Gazprom
    and Ukraine.

    The cold snap has hit much of Europe and led to record electricity
    consumption in France on Monday.,1518,599784,00.html
    Thanks to Tom Weatherby for this link

  • Plunging temperatures across Europe
    7 Jan 09 - Plunging temperatures have sent shivers across Europe,
    leading to the deaths of several people and a record number of calls
    to power companies in Britain because of heating problems.
    See Plunging temperatures across Europe

  • Ice troubling ships in Rotterdam Harbour for first time since 1997
    6 Jan 09 - E-mail from a reader in the Netherlands
    See Ice troubling ships in Rotterdam Harbour for first time since 1997


  • Saskatoon cold streak sets new record - 24 consecutive days
    of -25 C or lower
    6 Jan 09 - Saskatoon's deep freeze is likely the longest streak of low
    temperatures below -25 C that has numbed this city since record-keeping
    began in 1892.

    The 24-day streak started cruelly Dec. 13 after relatively mild temperatures
    and continued at least through Monday, said David Phillips, Environment
    Canada's senior climatologist.

    "It's really a shocker, the duration of the cold," said Phillips.

    Phillips said he couldn't find a longer cold snap in Saskatoon's recorded
    weather history. Monday. Even during the infamous January of 1950, when
    temperatures hit -46 and -45 (not counting any wind chill), the cold streak
    of -25 or lower lasted "only" 21 days.

    The normal average temperature for Saskatoon in December is -14.3.

    January is expected to be colder than its normal mean temperature of
    -17, said Environment Canada meteorologist Bob Cormier. The three-
    month period of January through March is also expected to be colder
    than normal, he said. 04d


  • Heavy snow in Spain - 5 Jan 09 - Four people have died as a result
    of severe weather conditions, which battered the north and east of the

    Meanwhile, strong winds and heavy snow fall also caused chaos on
    Spain's roads. Some 54 cars were involved in a multiple pile-up on
    the A8 in Muskiz in Vizcaya, when a freak hail storm impaired visibility.
    27 people were injured during the collision and the road had to be closed
    for several hours.

    Fallen rocks close to the Montserrat monastery in Barcelona blocked
    the access road and resulted in 1 500 having to be evacuated by cable
    car, whilst seven further mountain passes were forced to remain closed
    to traffic because of the snow in Asturias and Burgos, and four in
    Cantabria. Roads were also affected by snowfall in Ávila and Girona.
    Thanks to Stephanie Relfe for this link


  • Arctic conditions in southern Britain -
    but “it makes little difference to the overall trend”
    5 Jan 09 - The big freeze will envelop the South tonight as Arctic weather
    conditions send temperatures plunging as low as minus 10C (14F).
    See Arctic conditions in southern Britain

  • Saskatchewan digging out - 4 Jan 09 - Snow drifts and wind chills as
    cool as -45 C gripped the Prairie provinces Saturday as plows began to
    clear up to 25 cm of new snow in southern Saskatchewan. The overnight
    low in many areas of southern Saskatchewan was -35 C without the wind.

    The storm moved into western Manitoba late Friday, dumping up to
    10 cm of snow and causing a highway alert to be issued for the Trans-
    Canada Highway west of Brandon because of snow-packed and
    slippery roads with reduced visibility.

    The storm was expected to be followed by another blast of cold Arctic
    air, bringing extreme wind chills of -40 C by Sunday morning over western
    Manitoba and the Red River valley.

    The cold weather extends into Alberta as well, with temperatures dipping
    to -30 C in Edmonton at mid-morning Saturday.

    In Ontario, the City of Toronto issued an extreme cold weather alert
    Saturday to activate additional support services to help get homeless
    people in from the cold.
    Thanks to S & B Fread for this link






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