Other Parts of the World - 2005 

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Other Parts of the World - 2005 

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  • Snow in Saudi Arabia - 30 Dec 05 - I have not been able to confirm this, but according to the 
    website listed below, it snowed in northwestern Saudi Arabia yesterday, and temperatures dropped 
    below zero. This information, the website says, came from the official state-run news agency Spa. 
    It also snowed in northern Saudi Arabia in 2002, the first time in 40 years.

  • Coldest December in Britain in a decade - 31 Dec 05 - Britain is in a cold snap, with temperatures 
    of about 10F and heavy snow.

  • Snow Blankets Many Areas of Europe

    - 30 Dec 05 Europe's second snow storm this week piled drifts onto railway tracks 
    and roads Friday, and icy weather was blamed for dozens of deaths. Heavy snowfall 
    blocked roads in Poland's Katowice and Bielsko-Biala area in the south, and blanketed 
    the Baltic coastal city of Gdansk.

    Swirling snow and thick fog enveloped most of Italy, and temperatures in northern Italy 
    dropped as low as 1.4F. Blizzards, ice and high winds prompted a nationwide weather 
    warning in the Netherlands, and Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport was preparing to shut
    down some runways.

    Wind-driven snow in Austria piled high drifts onto railway tracks. With snow falling steadily 
    in France, the national weather service issued road and weather warnings for 70 of the country's 
    80 regions.

    In Berlin, most streets were buried in snow leaving residents picking their way though drifts 
    and snow banks. In Britain, temperatures fell to as low as 10.4F earlier in the week.


  • Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, Belgium, Slovakia, Italy and France in sub-zero freeze
    - 30 Dec 05 - Driving snow cause traffic chaos across much of Europe as temperatures dip to 
    almost minus 40F in some places.

    The roadway connecting Budapest with Vienna was closed after about 60 vehicles crashed following 
    heavy snow in Hungary. With 4-foot snow drifts in central and northern Slovakia, authorities called in the 
    Army to help clear roads. The main road out of Bratislava was closed after 40 to 60 cars were involved 
    in a giant accident. 

    The coldest temperature in Germany was minus 38 Fahrenheit at Funtensee Lake in southern Germany. 
    In Switzerland, the thermometer dipped to minus 33F in  La Brevine. 

    In Italy, Florence received 10 inches of snow, the most in 21 years, while temperatures in the north 
    reached minus 20F and a
    state of emergency was declared around Naples .

    In southern Belgium, severe weather warnings were issued  for the southern regions of Namur and Liege.
    In France, temperatures of minus 15F were recorded in the eastern town of Mouthe. Southern Poland  
    also saw heavy snowfalls



  • More snow disrupts European Travel - 30 Dec 05 - Heavy snow across 
    northern and central areas of Europe continued to cause problems for travelers 
    on Friday with dangerous conditions expected into the weekend.

    Up to 50 vehicles were trapped on a road in East Yorkshire in northern England 
    by up to 20cm of snow and blizzard conditions.. 

    In France, Meteo France issued an "orange alert," indicating severe weather conditions.

    Severe weather warnings were issued for large areas of eastern England and Scotland 
    as temperatures dipped to minus 10.8C (14F) in some areas.

    In northern Italy, which has seen its most snow in two decades, temperatures dropped 
    to minus 17C (1.4F). 

    In the Czech Republic, the main airport at Prague-Ruzyne was partly closed following 
    more snow overnight.  

    In northern France, hundreds of motorists spent the night in community centers and hotels 
    near Nancy as road crews battled to clear snow from the roads.

    A highway in the Calvados region of Normandy was also closed because of snow, and 
    France's border with Italy remained closed until mid-afternoon..

    In Austria, snow knocked out power lines in the Vienna area and caused dozens of accidents.


  • Historic cold snap in Hong Kong - 24 Dec 05 - Hong Kong has had frost
    in its coldest winter weather in 20 years, say Hong Kong Observatory officials.


  • Snow worldwide - 27 Dec 05 –
    United States: A major winter storm has hammered the state of Maine
    since Christmas Day with up to 38 inches of snow in some areas. More
    snow is forecast.
    Another storm brought 24 inches (61cm) of snow to 
    the Tahoe ski resort in the Sierra Nevadas.

    Canada: A fierce storm swept across northeast Canada cutting power
    to thousands of homes in Quebec.
    The storm is forecast to dump 60cm
    (23 inches) of snow in parts of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia .

    Russia : A series of avalanches following heavy snow on the Caucasus
    have closed many Transcaucasus routes as well as killing two

    United Kingdom: Heavy snow has moved into southern and eastern counties
    of England. In southeast England towards Kent and Sussex, up to12cm (5 inches)
    of snow has been reported. As much as 10-15cm more snow is expected in
    Lincolnshire Wolds, Fens and the Downs .

  • Strong winter storm blasts southeastern Canada - 27 Dec 05 - 
    A major winter storm blacked out part of Canada’s Quebec province Monday, 
    leaving some 70,000 homes and businesses without power, delaying airlines and 
    causing at least one driving fatality.

    The storm is expected to move east along the Atlantic coast overnight, and is expected 
    to hammer New Brunswick with up to 60 cm of snow.
    (From People’s Daily On-line)

  • Japan's Heaviest Snow in 122 Years - 22 Dec 05
    Snow fell along the coast of the Sea of Japan from Hokkaido to Tottori Prefecture
    western Japan. Hiroshima City in western Japan had the most snow this month since 
    the data was first recorded in 1883.

    Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways canceled a combined 322 domestic flights because of the 
    heavy snow, and Nagoya's Central Japan International Airport Co. remained closed.

    Northern Japan, in areas mainly along the Sea of Japan, is expected to receive snow for most of 
    the week to Dec. 29. 
    http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=10000101&sid=aLfrwP9b3IuQ&refer=j apan  

  • Record snowfall in South Korea - 19 Dec 05 – Snow in the southern and southwestern 
    areas of South Korea claimed at least one life, stranded thousands of motorists and damaged 
    hundreds of greenhouses, local media reported.

    Several thousand South Korean troops have been deployed to clear highways and remove
    snow from the roofs of structures to prevent their collapse. Damage has been estimated at 
    about US$150 million.


  • Record snowfall and cold in Japan - 19 Dec 05 – Some 30 Japanese cities were buried 
    beneath record-breaking snows this weekend, paralysing roads, railways and airports. Villages 
    in more mountainous regions were cut off as over 2 meters (7 ft) of snow fell during the weekend. 
    Nagoya reported 23 cm (9 inches) of snow, the heaviest snowfall in nearly 60 years. It is also the 
    first time since 1945 that so much snow has fallen in the city during the month of December. In the 
    city of Fukui, 62 cm (2 ft) of snow covered much of its downtown area.

    Despite forecasts of a mild winter, the Japanese media are now describing December as the coldest 
    in recorded history.
    See also

  • Montreal paralyzed by record snowfall -17 Dec 05 - With more than 41 cm (16 inches) of snow, 
    the storm will go down in history as one of the biggest snowfalls in a single day in Montreal in December, 
    beating a record of 37.8 cm on December 27, 1969. About 2.14 meters (seven feet) of snow usually 
    falls on the city each winter.

  • Abnormal cold kills 36 in India - 18 Dec 05 - The death toll from the relentless cold front 
    sweeping across north India has climbed to 36.

    The mercury has dipped to abnormally low temperatures in many states like Jammu and Kashmir, 
    Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan. Srinagar, state capital of Jammu and Kashmir 
    state, recorded a low of minus 5,2EC. Cities in Punjab's state also recorded their coldest 
    temperatures in several years.

    "It has never been this cold in December," said Sushma Sahay, a housewife in New Delhi.


  • Heaviest snows in Germany in more than 100 years -29 Nov 05 - 
    Some 250,000 people lost electricity Friday after the heaviest snows in 
    more than 100 years plunged much of the area around the city of Muenster 
    into darkness. 

  • Early snow brings chaos to Europe - 27 Nov 05 - With more than an inch of snow 
    falling per hour and winds up to 100 mph sweeping in off the North Sea, traffic officials 
    reported the worst gridlock in the country's history.  

    In the Netherlands, high winds and sudden freezing temperatures caused havoc on the national 
    rail and road networks. Hundreds of stranded Dutch commuters spent Friday night in temporary 
    Red Cross shelters.

    Problems due to the sudden cold weather were also reported in Germany, Belgium, France, 
    Switzerland, Italy and Greece. Deaths were reported in Belgium and the Czech Republic.

    In Germany, 250,000 people lost electricity due to downed power lines.

    Flight delays were reported in Amsterdam and Brussels. In Duesseldorf, Germany, eight inches 
    of snow forced the international airport to close for four hours. Paris's main airport, Charles de 
    Gaulle, cancelled dozens flights because of the snow, and the Eiffel Tower closed after morning 
    snowfall made it too slippery to climb. Railway traffic was also disrupted. 
             (Thanks to Michael Nolan for bringing this article to my attention.)

  • UK bracing for Arctic chill - 24 Nov 05 - Over the next 24 hours, a blast of cold Arctic air 
    will sweep southwards across the country. By dawn tomorrow, there could be up to 25cm (10 inches) 
    of snow over higher parts of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, and 20cm (8 inches) across 
    the moors of southwest England.
  • Cold blast for UK by end of week - 23 Nov 05 - Very cold northerly wind blasts 
    straight from the Arctic should hit the UK later this week. All parts of the UK could 
    see some snow. At this stage, Scotland, Northern Ireland, southwestern England  
    and Wales
    look like they're getting the worst of the weather. Blizzard conditions may exist 
    for a time over higher ground.

  • Fuel Prices Soar in UK - 3 Nov 05 - Gas and electricity prices soared 70 per cent last week 
    as traders worried that the UK's utility network will be unable to cope with the winter's first real 
    cold snap and the closure of a gas terminal. See Fuel Prices Soar


  • Devastating' winter ahead for United Kingdom -1 Nov 05 – There is a 67 percent chance 
    that this winter will be among the coldest on record, say forecasters, including the Meteorological 
    Office. This prediction is based on sea temperatures in the Atlantic .
    See devastating winter

  • Missile-like hailstones in Australia - 12 Oct 05 - Car windows were smashed
    and property damaged by “missile-like” hailstones from a severe thunderstorm that
    swept through several Gold Coast towns on Wednesday afternoon. Traffic came to
    a standstill after an eleven-car pile-up caused by the hailstorm, and strong winds
    brought down trees.


  • Strongest typhoon in 30 years slams into southern China
    -26 Sep 05 - With sustained winds of 125 mph (200 km/h), Typhoon Damrey
    hit southern China’s island province of Hainan late Sunday evening. Damrey ranks
    as a Category 3 on the Saffir-Simpson scale, the same as Hurricane Rita when it
    made landfall on the Texas-Louisiana border.

    China’s 18th typhoon of the year, Damrey was the worst to strike Hainan
    province in 30 years, dwarfing all previous typhoons on the island since 1960
    except for one in 1973.


  • Frosts devastate Western Australia wheat belt farmers- 23 Sep 2005 - 
    Grain growers in Western Australia
    face massive losses after some of the worst 
    frosts the region has ever seen. Darren Marquis of Synergy Consulting predicts 
    that between 10,000 and 20,000 hectares has been affected. "In some areas 
    north of Merredin, we're sort of looking at probably close to 80 to 90 per cent 
    loss of wheat," he said. "In the areas that it's actually hit it's quite devastating."


  • Freak Summer Snow in Alberta More than 45 cm
    (almost 18 inches) of snow fell in southwestern Alberta over the 
    weekend, knocking out power to nearly four thousand homes. 
    At least 50 power poles were broken by the heavy, wet snow.

    Crows Nest Pass, 260 km (162 miles) southwest of Calgary, was 
    particularly hard hit, with hospitals in the area forced to run off generators.


  • Record floods claim more lives in Europe - Aug. 25, 2005 - Seven more deaths 
    were reported Thursday in floods across southern Europe .
    Since June, the flooding in
    central and eastern Europe has caused 103 deaths. 

    The floods have swamped homes, destroyed bridges and threatened tourist landmarks, 
    and forced evacuation of thousands from their homes in Switzerland, Germany, Bulgaria 
    and Austria.

    Lakes and rivers burst their banks from Bern to Bucharest, cutting roads, power 
    and communications to hundreds of communities and causing damage estimated 
    almost $3 billion in Switzerland and Romania
    alone. More than 400 homes have 
    been swept away.

    In Bern, helicopters lifted residents from roofs and balconies of their homes in the 
    oldest part of town, where officials fear centuries-old buildings could be swept away. 
    In Lucerne, the Reuss
    River rushed perilously close beneath the city’s covered 14th-
    century wooden bridge -- a national landmark.

    More rain is expected later this week.


  • Fourteen inches of rain in one day - 22 Aug 2005 - The city of Donggaun in 
    the southern half of the province reported 366mm (14inches) of rain in just one 
    day, the highest in the city for 24 years.


  • Alberta crops hit by frost - Aug 19 – Overnight temperatures dipped to just below 
    zero degrees Celsius (32 F) in the Peace River region, around Whitecourt, and outside 
    of Edmonton
    and Calgary, with the coldest reading of -0.2 C at the Edmonton airport.

    It was cold enough to hurt crops in some areas, said Bruce Burnett, director of weather 
    and crop surveillance for the Canadian Wheat Board.


  • Eighty times normal monthly rainfall - in one morning - Aug 19 -  The tropical 
    of Tenerife received 12mm of rain in six hours, more than double its normal 
    monthly average of 5.2mm.

    Fuerte Ventura, the furthest east in the same chain of islands, received 32mm of rain 
    in the same morning, eighty times its normal monthly rainfall.


  • Unprecedented snow in Australia – 11 August 2005 - 
    It is almost unprecedented for snow to fall at sea level, says the 
    Australian weather bureau, but yesterday Phillip Island, Mornington
    and eastern Melbourne all saw snow, causing chaos in 
    parts of Gippsland in eastern Victoria, stretching south to the coast

    Long-time residents of Morwell and Churchill said the snowfalls 
    were the heaviest that they had seen in their lifetimes. 

    The coldest weather is still to come , with more snow is expected 
    in parts of New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania




  • Snow cuts power, phones in Australia - July 9, 2005 - Some 35cm (13.8 inches)
    of snow fell on Jindabyne last night, cutting power and phone lines and leaving the town 
    "relatively isolated". 

    Thredbo ski resort received 50cm (19.7 inches) of snow, with more expected tonight. 
    Meanwhile, blizzard conditions are forecast above 1400 meters in alpine areas of the 
    Southern Tablelands and South West Slopes. 


  • Snow in Australia - July 6, 2005 – Senior meteorologist Bruce Buckley says 
    he has received reports of snow falling on Western Australia's Goldfields.

  • Underwater volcano erupting 700 miles SE of Tokyo - July 3, 2005 -
    The coast guard sent helicopters to monitor a huge column of steam more than 
    half-a-mile wide rising above the Pacific Ocean southeast of Tokyo, and warned 
    ships to stay away. The water in the area was brick-red.

    "It's highly likely that it's caused by an eruption of an underwater volcano," 
    coast guard spokesman Shigeyuki Sato said.

    "We suspect the undersea volcanic moves are becoming active," said another 
    coast guard official. 


  • China floods worst in a century - 26 June 2005 - Heavy rains have 
    pounded the Guangxi region since Saturday, swelling rivers to record-high 
    levels and threatening dikes around the city of Wuzhou , the worst flooding 
    to hit the area in a century ... perhaps the worst in history. 

    The official Xinhua News Agency called the flooding on the Pearl River  
    "the largest flood peak in the region's history."  About 1.5 million people 
    have been evacuated in six provinces, and at least 536 have been killed.

    Water levels in some areas reached the third floor, in other areas higher 
    than the telephone poles. Losses are estimated at $2.5 billion..


  • Eight inches of rain in 12 hours – 24 June 2005 - Some 215mm (8 inches) of rain 
    fell in Hong Kong yesterday in just 12 hours. The ensuing flooding and landslides caused
    chaos. More heavy downpours are forecast through the weekend.  


  • Ice and storms cause chaos - 27 Jun 2005 - Freezing cold weather headed 
    north from Auckland, New Zealand, over the weekend, closing important roads 
    and making driving treacherous across the lower North Island with deep snow and ice.



  • 200-year floods in Canada Swollen waters from the North and 
    South Saskatchewan rivers have been moving east to converge at the Saskatchewan 
    . Most of the 2,000 residents of the northeastern village of Cumberland House
    have been evacuated after the river began flowing onto the only road leading into the 
    community. Manitoba
    residents are also getting nervous. A million sandbags have 
    been sent to The Pas, also on the Saskatchewan River . Town officials in The Pas 
    expect the river to reach its highest level since 1965.

    Meanwhile, flooding in southern Alberta over the past few weeks has inflicted some 
    $200 million in damage.

    According to one of my Canadian readers (Charlie Worton), this has been a 200-year 
    flood event. As Charlie says, “If all of that precipitation had fallen in the winter …”

  • Summer snow in Manitoba Thompson, Manitoba  
    awoke this morning to wet snow flurries and cold. The city of about 14,000 is about 
    650 km north of Winnipeg.. The summer snow continues a week of wacky weather 
    in the province. On Thursday, hailstones the size of baseballs struck the southeastern 
    town of Altona, which also received five cm of rain in less than one hour. 



  • Once-in-a-century floods threaten wide area of southern Alberta – 20 Jun 2005 -. 
    Drenching rains over the weekend have led to surging rivers that have forced thousands 
    of people to leave their homes.

    In Drumheller, people are sandbagging and reinforcing dikes against the Red Deer River, 
    awaiting the crest of what some officials say could be a "once-in-a-century" flood.

    Alberta Premier Ralph Klein says the damage from flooding across the province is going 
    to be hundreds of millions of dollars. 



  • Almost four feet of snow in Chile – 17 Jun 05 - Heavy snow in western Argentina  
    has left 2,500 trucks abandoned across the Andes Mountains. In Chile, the town of
    Los Libertadores
    received more than 1.7 meters of snow. More snow is expected over 
    the weekend.
    The girl from Ipanema will be wearing a snow suit this year


  • Three feet of rain in four days - 17 Jun 2005 – Peimen Township in Taiwan received 
    174mm (about7 inches) of rain yesterday, bringing total rainfall in the past four days to 
    one meter (more than 3 feet). More rain is expected.

    In China , more than 200,000 homes have been destroyed by heavy rains and flooding 
    in Jiangsu province, leaving 825,000 people homeless.

  • Double normal rainfall in New Zealand – Jun 15, 2005 - Autumn rainfall in New Zealand ’s 
    Bay of Plenty
    stands at more than 200% of normal. Tauranga Airport has recorded 751mm of 
    rain this autumn, the highest total since records began in 1898.

    Tauranga Airport recorded 347mm of rain in just 24 hours on May 18, while Awakaponga 
    (a little inland from Matata) reported 94.5mm in just one hour.


  • Record Cold and Snow Across Europe - June 8, 2005 – Nearly 16 inches of fresh 
    snow blanketed Austria's Alps yesterday. Temperatures fell below freezing in the village  
    of Aboyne, Scotland,while temperatures in Oxfordshire dropped to 31.46 degrees, 
    beating the old record of 32 set in 1962. In Croatia, a few inches of snow fell overnight on 
    the southern mountain of Biokovo, and temperatures plunged to 27 degrees. Fresh snow 
    also blanketed the mountains of southern Serbia.

    In Italy, cooler-than-usual temperatures and hailstorms inflicted millions of damage to 
    crops. Some 30 percent to 40 percent of peaches and apples were lost after hail pummeled 
    trees near Verona

    It's also been far colder than normal in Germany and Switzerland, where overnight 
    temperatures dropped to 35 degrees. Many parts of Britain
    also have had an unusually 
    cold June. 


  • Sixteen inches of snow in Austria - June 9- Gritters and
    snowplows rushed into action yesterday after an astonishing 16
    inches of snow fell on some parts of the Austrian Alps. At the
    same time, Vienna reached only 7C (44F) as temperatures
    plummeted in the valleys.
    Temperatures also dropped below freezing in parts of Croatia 
    and other eastern Balkan areas. In Belgrade, temperatures climbed to
    only 12C compared to the normal high of 26C, a hefty 14C below
    average. Most of the Balkans saw heavy rain and snow at higher
    Italy, usually very warm at this time of year, has also
    suffered from much cooler temperatures and hailstorms,
    which have inflicted millions of Euros in damage. Some
    30-40% of the peach and apple crops near Verona have
    been damaged.
  • Record Snow in Norway - June 8, 2005
    I  received this email from Mike in Lesjaskog, Norway.
    Lesjaskog stands at an elevation of 620 meters.
    Strynfjellet (summer ski centre) will not be opening in time 
    due to too much snow! They remain closed during the winter 
    as the lifts are buried twice over, way over 10 metres of lying 
    snow. They normally open from June-August, but have delayed 
    it as the diggers continue clear the lifts still buried).
    The Norwegian Met Office has announced that a record 
    has been set for the most snow in the mountains at this time 
    of year. I can indeed testify that fact as the mountains 
    surrounding my house are still deeply covered in snow, 
    starting right at the foot as we still have patchy snow at 
    village level.
    ALSO of note: The birch trees STILL have no leaves on; 
    this is even late by our standards, by about 2 weeks so far. 
    Lesjaskog, Norway
  • Unseasonal snow in Kashmir worries farmers – June 1, 2005 - Experts fear that the unusually 
    cold, wet weather could seriously impact agriculture and horticulture. Persistent rains across the 
    Kashmir valley, coupled with unseasonal May snowfall in high altitude areas, have already delayed 
    the transplantation of paddy saplings. Unless conditions change soon, there could be hardly any 
    paddy saplings left. Hailstorms have also caused significant losses to fruit production in the region.

  • First snowfall ever in Somalia , Africa Jun 1 - The storm left a blanket of snow 
    on the ground in Puntland, northeastern part of Somalia , the first ever snowfall ever 
    reported in Somalia reports that "the first snowfall on this part of the world has claimed 
    one life and caused extensive damage to properties,” said an article in SomaliNet

    has also experienced some other strange weather in the past few months, with 
    many people killed and thousands of livestock washed away by floods. “Somalis think this 
    unusual weather and last night's previously unheard of snowfall are part of the global warming 
    phenomena." (I haven’t been able to verify the truth of this report through any other channels.)

  • Explorers abandon Arctic Ocean crossing – June 3, 2005 - Two Minnesota men
    who planned to cross the Arctic Ocean to call attention to global warming have abandoned
    their trek because of unexpectedly heavy snow, wind, and ice.

    They threw in the towel on Friday and were picked up by helicopter, said Jane Kochersperger,
    spokeswoman for the environmental group Greenpeace, which co-sponsored the trip. The men 
    decided to abandon their journey on Thursday, said Kochersperger, "but the weather was so 
    bad we couldn't get to them."
  • Nova Scotia Soaked - May 25 - Drenched by as much as 200 mm of rain, Bridgewater, Nova Scotia 
    is well above it’s May average. Bridgewater ’s Fancy Lake has been particularly hard hit, with water levels 
    at the highest point that locals can remember. Many residents have been evacuated. Low pressure is 
    pulling in air from the Labrador Sea , where sea temperatures are well below average. Sea surface 
    temperatures are only 7C, some 4 degrees below normal.
  • Freak blizzard kills 15 in China – May 16 - More than 70 explorers working in Qinghai province, 
    bordering Tibet, were hit by a "heavy snowstorm, rainstorm and sandstorm simultaneously," Xinhua news 
    agency said. "Fifteen explorers were found dead and 13 others injured in the snowstorm which was unlikely 
    to happen once in a century." 
  • Half-a-month’s rain in 12 hours in central China – May 5 – Some 93mm of rain fell in just twelve hours
     in Changsha, Hunan province. This was almost half the May average rainfall.

  • Massive flooding in southeastern Ethiopia – May 4 -  The worst flooding occurred as the Wabe Shebell river
    burst its banks on April 23. Just days before the area had been so badly drought-stricken that the river bed lay dry
    and cracked. Now the river is flooded along almost its entire length, stretching across the border into Somalia .
    Neighbouring Kenya is also awash with rain, leaving thousands homeless in the northeast.


  • Devastating floods in Ethiopia and Somalia , Georgia , Kazakhstan , and Vietnam – Apr 26 - 
    It was the worst reported flood since 1953 in Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland in Somalia .
    In west Georgia , overflowing rivers have left residents from dozens of villages stranded, their houses 
    flooded and streets turned into fast and wide streams and lakes. Landslides have also led to many 
    villages being cut off from the outside world. In Kutaisi , Georgia , residents do not remember water 
    levels ever having been so high.

  • Record snow could lead to huge floods in Alaska – Apr 23 - Record snow levels and water-content 
    has the National Weather Service warning of the potential for flooding along several of Alaska ’s major 
    Interior rivers, i
    ncluding the Yukon , Koyukuk,  the Chena, and the huge Susitna River in Southcentral Alaska.
    Water content was measured at 180 to 190 percent above normal on the Yukon River near the Dalton 
    crossing, and at 150 percent in the White Mountains .

    (Info from the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner:
    http://www.newsminer.com )

  • Heavy snow and torrential rain in France, Switzerland and Italy – 18 April 2005 - The sheer amount of snow took many by surprise, and left as many as 145,000 homes without power in France.

    Meanwhile in the Utah mountains, snow levels now stand at 370% of normal (around 13 feet, or four meters). Local authorities are trying a number of ways to cope with the vast volumes of water expected during the coming spring floods, including raising the bed of a state highway and fortifying or re-channelling rivers.


  • Heavy snow in Europe – April 16, 2005 – More than 40cm of snow fell in some parts
    of France yesterday, causing serious traffic disruption in the Ain region in the Jura mountains,
    where a major highway was shut down completely. The high-speed rail link between Grenoble
    and Paris was also cut off by the snow.

    In northern England , heavy snow blocked some of the higher routes across the Pennines .
    Train and road traffic were also disrupted by heavy snow in Switzerland ’s Jura mountains .
    Snow is forecast over the next few days for many parts of the Alps.


  • One month's rain in two days – Apr 12, 2005-More than 3 inches of rain fell on the island of Corsica 
    in two days, well in excess of the April average of 65mm (2.5 inches).

  • Blizzard warning – Apr 6 - The Met Office issued a warning today for heavy snow, blizzards and icy roads 
    in Northern Scotland and Northern Ireland, said that it could extend further south by the weekend. This could 
    affect many events, including the Royal wedding and the 2005 Grand National.

  • Incredible amount of snow portends massive spring floods in Moscow - Mar 23, 2005 - The Russian Emergency Ministry has plans to evacuate the capital in the event that a sudden rise in temperature thaws the incredible amount of snow that has accumulated in Moscow this past winter (about 250 million cubic meters). The anticipated flood could inundate about 89 percent of Moscow 's eastern district. 

  • Snow over Northern Africa  - Feb 4 - Winter descended with a vengeance on Northern Africa, covering parts of Algeria and Morocco with a blanket of fresh snow. The snow extended from the Mediterranean Coast in the north to the Sahara Desert in the south. The worst storm in more than 50 years, it brought chaos to the normally arid region. 
    Click here for satellite images: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/NaturalHazards/shownh.php3?img_id=12699 

  • Harsh Afghanistan winter kills nearly 600 – Mar 20 - Nearly 600 people have died this winter from disease, landslides and accidents, and there could be many more casualties in remote parts of the country. The western provinces of Farah and Herat have been hit hard, with more than 10,000 homes destroyed. The harsh winter has also caused 400 deaths in Pakistan .

  • 21,000 houses collapse in China during killer blizzards - Mar 16, 2005 – Severe and unseasonal blizzards have left at least 36 people dead in southwest China . About 190,000 people are snowed in, and 21,000 houses have collapsed.

    More than eight million people have been affected by the blizzards in Yunnan province, which normally enjoys a mild climate but has been buried benearth a meter (three feet) of snow in some areas. The damage is estimated at 2.5 billion yuan (300 million dollars).


  • Record cold on Okinawa –Mar 16, 2005 - According to the Okinawa Meteorological Observatory, it reached only 41.4 degrees Fahrenheit on Saturday in Kunigami Village , in far northern Okinawa , the lowest temperature ever recorded for March.  http://www.estripes.com/article.asp?section=104&article=26745&archive=tr ue


  • Temperatures 9C below no rmal in Norway – March 17, 2005 - The temperature in Svalbard, an island to the north of Norway , dropped to -24C last night,  9C below the seasonal average.


  • New Mexico Pummeled; Nearly 3 Feet of Snow in One Town - March 15, 2005 A late-winter storm dumped 2 to 3 feet of snow on parts of New Mexico, closing several major highways. Sections of Interstate 40 and Interstate 25 were closed east and north of Albuquerque . Rows of tractor-trailer rigs queued up at Las Vegas , while other motorists scrambled to find hotel rooms. The Red Cross opened a shelter in Las Vegas for travelers who couldn't find a vacancy late Monday. Snow also fell across much of the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles.


  • Heavy snow in China – Mar 14, 2005 - Mountainous parts of Yunnan Province , China , have received more than a meter of snow in places. To the south, in northern Thailand , Chiang Rai received 21mm of rain in just one day, as much as they normally receive during the entire month of March. Meanwhile, in far northern Australia , Cyclone Ingrid dumped 97mm of rain – twice the monthly average – on Bathurst Island just north of Darwin

  • Ten degrees below normal in Helsinki – Mar 9, 2005 – At minus 17C, temperatures last night in Helsinki, Finland were far below the average March low of -7C.

  • Record snow in Korea – March 3, 2005 - Busan saw the biggest snowfall in the city in a century. After 37.5 centimeters of snow fell in just 15 hours, officials closed more than 100 roads and cancelled all airline flights cancelled as tens of thousands of public employees and police officials were mobilized to cope with the chaos. Other cities such as Pohang and Ulsan also reported record accumulations of snow (around 20 cm). 

  • Heavy snowfall and near-record low temperatures across Europe . Mar 4, 2005 - A rare snowstorm blanketed the Netherlands , disrupting flights at Amsterdam ’s Schiphol airport. In the province of Friesland , 20 inches (50 cm) of snow fell in 24 hours, the biggest March snowstorm in 25 years.

    Heavy snowfall in Greece cut off dozens of mountain villages; Madrid , Spain recorded its heaviest snowfall in 15 years; almost all of Germany was covered by snow, and Italy too experienced extensive snow. In the United Kingdom Kent received six inches of snow, and Londoners were greeted by the rare sight of snow on Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

    Japan also saw unusually heavy snowfalls, as nearly an inch of snow accumulated in downtown Tokyo. 


  • Current warming simply a natural variation, says advisor to President Putin – Feb 3, 2005 - "President Putin was under great pressure to sign the Kyoto protocol,” said Dr Andrei Illarionov, economic adviser to the Russian president, “and Russia did so because we like to be friends with Europe , not because we believe in the science of climate change. (Interestingly, this statement was buried in an article warning of the dangers of global warming.)

    "I tell you in any case that people like to be warm,” Illarionov told the Guardian, “which is why Europeans go south for their holidays. Anyone who is frightened about the prospect of global warming is welcome to come and live in Siberia ."


  • Record snowfall in Kamchatka - March 3, 2005 – The blanket of snow in the Kamchatka region (283 cm) is now double its normal depth, breaking records from the past 70 years. The last time Kamchatka had this much snow was in 1938. Continued heavy snowfall is expected until the beginning of May.

  • Temperatures in Rome plunge to their lowest level in 200 years – Mar 3, 2005 – In fact, much of Europe shivered under near record lows. Temperatures in Bucharest , Romania fell to their lowest since 1932. In Switzerland , temperatures near the French border sank to minus 34.4C. In Guarda , Portugal , the main hospital had to cancel all non-emergency surgery when water pipes froze. In Austria , fuel oil suppliers said they were running out of stock.  Temperatures fell to -21C in Oslo , Norway , with a day-time high of -11C, some 7C below normal.

    Paris awoke to a thin carpet of snow, and icy roads covered much of northern France . Heavy snow fell on Berlin , and thick ice hampered ship traffic on the canal linking Berlin with the Polish port of Szczecin . Britain called in the army to help deal with disruption caused by heavy snow, and Bulgarian ski resorts enjoyed their heaviest snowfalls in 20 years.  

  • Record snow in Moscow … and the mayor is furious – Mar 1, 2005 - Moscow's mayor Yuri Luzhkov was furious when the Moscow Weather Bureau failed to forecast the city’s heaviest snowfall since record-keeping began in the 19th century. Public services were unable to cope with the blizzard, which occurred on Jan 28. The storm snarled traffic, closed airports and forced pedestrians to wade through high drifts.
    ( Washington Post Foreign Service - March 1, 2005; Page A10)

  • Record cold and snow across Europe – March 1, 2005 - Europe is in the midst of a bitter cold snap, with temperatures plunging to record lows in Germany , Portugal , and Switzerland . Stuttgart airport recorded its lowest March temperature in 105 years (-18.6 C, or -1.5 F). Bern , Switzerland recorded its coldest March night since records began in 1901 (-15.6C, or 4F, and temperatures plunged to -43.6 C (-50.6 F) in the Berchtesgaden region near Germany ’s border with Austrias to snow, the Czech Republic has the most snow in 40 years. Heavy snowfall has grounded flights and disrupted train service in Madrid and Barcelona, Spain; heavy snow is forecast across northeast England, Lincolnshire, East Anglia, parts of the Midlands and southeast England, and frequent and heavy snow showers are moving into east Wales and parts of southwest England.


  • Heavy snowfall crushes buildings -Feb 21, 2005 - More than two meters (almost seven feet) of heavy snow in the mountains has devastated Afghanistan , Pakistan , and Tajikstan, literally crushing houses and buildings and burying communities in avalanches. It has been the heaviest snowfall in northern Pakistan in 30 years.  Some 270 have died in the snowfall and avalanches, with nearly as many injured. In Kashmir to the south, 400 trucks are stranded on the Jammu-Srinagar highway because of landslides. Most roads in Srinagar are buried under one and a half feet of snow with more in the forecast.

  • Torrential rain kills three in California - Feb. 21, 2005 - The deaths came as another wintry mix of rain, snow and hail pummeled Southern California . As much as three inches of rain was expected along the coast, five inches in the foothills, and another two feet of snow in the mountains. Farther north, the Bay area braced for an inch of rain, with up to 18 inches of snow expected in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Some 5.27 inches of rain has fallen on downtown Los Angeles in the past three days, pushing its total rainfall to 30 inches since July 1st. The record, 38.18 inches, was set in 1883-1884. A landslide advisory was issued for San Diego , Riverside , Orange , San Bernardino , Ventura , Los Angeles , Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties.

  • Twenty degrees below normal in eastern Turkey - 12 Feb 05 - In Erzurum, the temperature dropped to -29.9C overnight, nearly 20C colder than the average February low of -10.5C.
  • Record snows in Iran - Feb 10 - Parts northern Iran and Tehran were paralyzed after being hit by record snowfall up to 1.5 meters (more than 4 feet), and many key roads were closed. In Israel, the northern Golan Heights, snow closed many roads and schools. High-lying areas in the northern and center of the country also saw snow. Snow also fell in Jerusalem. Snow in Galilee led to the closure of the road between Misgav Am and Manara, and 1.7 meters (about 5 feet) of snow fell on Mount Hermon. Snow also fell in the Jordanian capital of Amman, and most other regions of the desert kingdom.

  • Europe enduring one of the coldest winters of this century - Feb 11, 2005 - Minus 13.3 degrees in Kosice, Slovakia, minus 16.1 degrees in Szolnak, Hungary, and minus 28.6 in Erzurum, Turkey ... all around 10 degrees below average. It was even colder in Romania and Yugoslavia: Sjenica, Yugoslavia dropped to minus 28.8C, 22 degrees below average, while Sibiu, Romania dipped to minus 26.4, 20 degrees below average.

  • Villagers Chase off Wolves in Deadly Balkan Freeze - Feb 11, 2005 - Snowbound villagers fought off starving wolves (at least one person was devoured by wolves) as a Siberian frost gripped much of the Balkans for the second week in a row, killing at least a dozen people. Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania and Albania all registered record or near-record low temperatures. In Karajukica Bunari on the Serbia-Montenegro border the temperature fell to -34C (-29F), almost breaking the record of -38.4 set in January 1954. Temperatures in Sevlievo, Bulgaria fell to -34C, breaking a 50-year record, and the River Danube was iced up in dozens of places from Hungary to Romania.

    "We expect the lower Danube to be completely iced by tomorrow," said the Bulgarian state news agency BTA. Temperatures dropped to minus 36C in eastern Romania. The Black Sea coast reported frozen snowdrifts more than 2 meters (6 feet) deep, and many roads were closed. In Macedonia, where temperatures dipped below minus 25C, an army captain was found frozen solid just 300 meters (yards) from his border post in the Sar mountains on the Kosovo border. The Bosnian Serb capital Banja Luka, recorded its lowest temperatures in 20 years. 

    In Albania and western Kosovo, villagers in remote areas had to drive off wolves and wild boar searching for food.
    Villages lie two metres (six feet) deep in snow in the mountains near Elbasan. In Kosovo, temperatures hovered below minus 20C. A state of emergency was in force in the Serbian town of Sjenica, near the Montenegro border, after six days of minus 30 degree frost. 


  • Biting cold and heavy snow causing chaos across the northern hemisphere - Feb 10 - Heaviest snowfal in India in 25 years. The town of Manali in Himachal Pradesh is covered by one-and-a- half meters of snow (more than 4 feet) and is expecting more. Temperatures have hovered as low as -12C (10F).

    In Sevlievo, Bulgaria, temperatures fell to -34C (-29F) on Wednesday, as opposed to the average low of about -5C (23F). Temperatures have hovered around -20C (-4F) in the rest of the country, and 40% of the Danube is frozen. Bosnia-Hercegovina has endured similar low temperatures. Heavy snow has also been falling across the northern and western mountains in Pakistan, with some areas now blanketed by nearly 4m (11 foot).

    Meanwhile, the northeastern United States is bracing itself for yet another massive winter storm. Some areas of New Hampshire and Maine may see up to 45cm (18 inches) of snow.

  • More than three feet of snow in Austria in one day - Feb 5 - Some parts of Austria have seen a meter or more of snow. Waidring received more than a meter (three feet) of snow in one day. In Graz, the army evacuated hundreds of guests from the alpine resort of Planneralm, which was isolated by avalanches. Blizzards have also lashed eastern Romania leaving roads and schools closed. In the county of Constanta, snow piled up in drifts more than two meters (6.6 feet) deep. Kabul, Afghanistan has also seen fresh snowfalls.


  • Heaviest Snowfall - Ever - Hits Moscow - January 31, 2005 - Pedestrians waded through meter-high snowdrifts on Friday as the heaviest one-day snowfall on record raged through Moscow. Indeed, January may turn out to be the snowiest since city weather records began in the 19th century, second only to January 1970. This January's snowfall is twice the January average, and more snow is expected throughout the week. It took a total of 25,000 workers and 5,000 snowplows labored to clean up the main highways.


  • Japan battered by winter storm - Jan 31 - Honshu hardest hit, but Kyushu and Hokkaido also saw snow. Toyana and Tottori airports were both reporting blizzard conditions. Up to 90cm (3 feet) of snow was predicted for the mountainous areas in the north. Snow also fell on the southern Japanese island of Shikoku, which hardly ever sees snow, while the city of Kochi received the first snow in nearly 20 years.

    In the United Stares, another winter storm left up to two feet of snow in southern Colorado before heading south towards Texas. To the east, Georgia is slowly recovering from its weekend ice storm.


  • Snowiest month on record in Boston – Jan 27, 2005 – With 42.4” of snow, this has been the snowiest January on record in Boston . In fact, this has been the snowiest month on record in Boston . This is “global warming?”

  • Eight degrees below normal in Casablanca - Jan 30 - Morocco's largest city can usually expect daytime highs of around 17.5 C (64 F) in > January. On Saturday, temperatures plummeted to -1 C (30 F), 8 degrees below the January average minimum for Casablanca.


  • Intense cold and snow in many European countries – Jan 27, 2005 - In the Balearic Islands, which received the first snow in decades, temperatures on Menorca plunged to 0.4C, as opposed to the average January average temperature of 13C. Meanwhile, snow forced the closure of mountain roads on the island of Mallorca ; two-meter (6-foot) snowdrifts closed two motorways in central Croatia ; some central and southern areas in Italy received up to 5 cm (2 inches) of snow, and Vesuvius displayed its snow-capped peak.

    In Granada , Spain , temperatures fell to minus 9C, more than 10 degrees below average. Vitoria, Spain, received several inches of snow; mountain passes were closed in the northern Cantabria region, and heavy snow (30cm, or 12 inches) fell in Vienna, Austria.


  • Temperatures plummet across eastern US -. Jan 16 - Temperatures in Embarrass, Minnesota plummeted to -48 C (-54 F), close to the state’s record low of -51 C (-60 F) set in 1996 in Tower, MN. The cold weather also affected many other places in the US , including Columbia Gorge in Oregon , Cape Cod , Massachusetts , and Buffalo , New York . Nearly eight inches (12 to 20 cm) of snow had fallen by Monday morning on Cape Cod , Massachusetts . Meanwhile in Buffalo , New York , 5 inches (13 centimetres) of snow led to slick roads and white-out conditions on a local highway.

  • Up to 56 cm (22 inches) of snow in South Korea - Jan 16, 2005 - At one point Kimhae International Airport, the gateway to South Korea ’s second largest city of Pusan , was closed to all flights due to the conditions. Japan was also hard hit. 
    Around 50 cm (20 inches) of snow fell in The Japanese regions of Kanto and Tohoku.

  • Coldest December in New Zealand in 59 years - 9 Jan 05 - “The national average temperature was just 13.4C,” The New Zealand Herald reported  today, “2.2C below normal and more like spring than summer.”

  • Heaviest snow in two decades in Pakistan - Jan 5, 2005 - Abbottabad, a hill resort town about 40 miles northwest of Islamabad was one of the > worst hit. Quetta, capital of the southwestern Baluchistan province which is currently in the grip of a cold snap received the heaviest snow in two decades. Meanwhile, Reno, Nevada endured the biggest snowstorm in 15 years.


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