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17 Jun 07


15-Year-Old Reveals Truth About 
NASA’s Global Warming Alarmist James Hansen

7 Jun 07 - Kristen Byrnes, the fabulous fifteen-year-old from Maine who tore apart many of the myths purported by Al Gore, is now taking on James Hansen of NASA.

In her recent report entitled "Houston, We Have a Problem," Byrnes identified a serious concern with this so-called scientist that many anthropogenic global warming skeptics have been addressing for years:

As Hansen attempts to seduce, exaggerate, and alarm the public, some people (like me) attempt to inform the public of the reality of global warming, its impacts, and now, the truth behind James Hansen.

Hansen claims that he is an "independent", but he seems to be the only person who believes it. Readers may already be aware of this, but if not… James Hansen was granted a quarter of a million dollars from the Heinz Environment Award a.k.a. U. S. Senator and former Presidential Candidate John Kerry’’s wife’s foundation. You know the old saying; "nothing in politics is free." So my first question is: what did he do to get the quarter of a million dollars? Was it the price for switching his political standing from "independent" to democratic when he later endorsed John Kerry for President? Was it payment for interpreting his department’s data in a way that would benefit his political friends?

More evidence of his connections to the Democratic Party was his endorsement of Al Gore’s presidential campaign in 2000. James Hansen was also a science advisor to Al Gore’s movie An Inconvenient Truth.
Thanks to Larry Cook for this link.



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