144,400 yaks and sheep die after record snowfall in Tibet  

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144,400 yaks and sheep die
after record snowfall in Tibet


2 Nov 08 - Rescuers continued efforts to reach dozens of people still trapped after record snowfall blanketed a remote area of China's Tibet region, leaving at least nine dead, state media said on Sunday. Up to 2 metres of snow lay over some parts of Lhunze county, in Tibet's Shannan district, and could take another week to melt, the official Xinhua news agency said.

Soldiers and rescue workers had evacuated 1,892 people in the Lhunzhe and Cuona counties and were trying to reach some 250 people still trapped, the agency said.

Most of those who died had either frozen to death or were hit by falling buildings brought down by the weight of snow.

"It was the heaviest snow I have ever seen and the snowstorm was totally unexpected," Gaisang Yangzom, a village official in Lhunze, told the agency.

Lhunze county only had enough fodder for about 12 days and needed another 2,550 tons of fodder for the animals and 325 tons of fuel for heating residents' homes, the agency said.

The China Daily newspaper said at least 144,400 yaks and sheep had died in what was reportedly the worst snowstorm on record in Tibet, with 36 hours of continuous snowfall last Sunday and Monday.

http://www.earthtimes.org/articles/show/239698,rescue-efforts-continue-after-record-snowfa ll-kills-nine-in-tibet.html
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      One of the worst snowstorms in living memory

3 Nov 08 – “At least nine people have died in what’s been described as one of the worst snowstorms in living memory across Tibet’s Autonomous region.

“Heavy snow fell for more than 36 consecutive hours earlier in the week averaging snow coverage of 1.5 meters, with drifts up to three meters in places. Many people were either frozen to death or crushed by buildings which collapsed from the sheer weight of the snow.

More 140,000 head of livestock perished in the cold.

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