1,033 houses toppled by snow

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9 November 07
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1,033 houses toppled by snow in China
Biggest ever snowfall in Yuexi County in the capital Hefei
Cuts off all highways in province of Shanxi


20 Jan 08 - Heavy snow continued falling over large parts of China on the weekend. In Hubei, more than 1,000 km of highway, about half of the central province's roads, were closed since Saturday.
Trapped vehicles on the highway in the region of Luowang, 
a well-known ancient city in the central province Henan.

The most serious snowfall since 1991, the snow also cut off all highways in the northern province of Shanxi.

In eastern Anhui Province, heavy snow affected about 1.21 million people and damaged 87,000 hectares of farmland. Total crop failure was 6,700 hectares, according to a department official.

Yuexi County in the capital Hefei saw its biggest ever snowfall exceeding 50 cm. A total of 1,033 houses in the province were toppled by snow. Highways in the northern part of the province were closed since Saturday. It was unknown when they would re-open.

In Tibet, progress to save the 25 people trapped in five vehicles on a highway in Zanda County was steady, said Hong Xuefeng, an official with the Ngari Prefecture.

'As depth in some areas has reached three to five meters (16 feet), the clean-up work is moving at a speed of one or two km per hour,' he said, adding that the stranded were just seven km (4.2 miles) away from the rescue team by 9 :50 p.m. Sunday and reported as in good condition.

Traffic on the Ngari section of the mountainous highway linking Xinjiang and Tibet had been blocked since that day.

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