$20 per gallon for gasoline and heating oil

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$20 per gallon for gasoline and heating oil
... to solve a problem that does not exist


1 Nov 08 – Senator Barack Hussein Obama has said that as soon as he takes over, he wants to immediately shove a carbon cap-and-trade system down our throats.

Mr. Obama wants to dictate to businesses - and to us peons - how much oil and energy we're allowed to use. If  we go over our allotment, then we'll have to pay a penalty, which will be distributed to other countries.

Obama wants to redistribute America's wealth to other countries to solve the problem of human-caused global warming ... a problem that does not exist. No wonder other countries love him so much.

Hey, you can share your cookie if you want, Mr. Obama, but you have no right to share mine.

Senator Barack Hussein Obama has also said that he wants to slap heavier taxes on the oil companies. Does he think the oil companies will swallow a tax increase without raising prices at the pumps?

Look at what our congressional leaders have done to our economy with their social engineering programs. They ordered the mortgage industry to finance people who weren't qualified.

Now imagine how you'll feel when they start doing their misguided social engineering - with your money - every time you turn on your furnace.

They want you to cut your energy use by 80%, and then send the balance overseas.

With greedy politicians hungry for power, I'm thinking that $20.00 per gallon for gasoline may not be enough to satisfy them.





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